Friday, July 19, 2013


So, did I mention that I was going to start the Convergence of Cyriss in Warmachine? No? Huh...

First, some pics...

 Group shots, front and rear.
 Syntherion, the Warcaster.
 Light Vector, the Galvanizer.
 Light Vector, the Mitigator,
Heavy Vector, the Cipher.

Very simple paint scheme, but worked out very well.

Anyways, got a game with them tonight! And, shock of shocks, something resembling a battle report... kinda.

I was playing battlebox, Kenny had pDoomy, Slag Troll, Axer, and a Storm Troll.

Started ok, then he destroyed my Mitigator, and I made with the craters from the Cipher's mortar. I fell back once he popped feat... No point gift wrapping damage on myself.

The Slag troll took a bite out of the Cipher, then it wrecked the trolls face. Storm came up next, and Doomy and the Axer as well. Axer got on Syntherion and both of his remaining Vectors , Storm on the Cipher. Axer swung best he could, with little effect. Cipher killed the Storm Troll, then wandered over and put a spike in Doomy's head.

Win for me!

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