Thursday, November 7, 2013

Storm Fists 5.0

The Storm Fists are a Space Marine Chapter that Ive been working on off and on for many years now. Originally they had a grey scheme, with a lot of honor markings... but frequent and repeated comparisons between them and the Space Wolves killed any desire I had to work on them. I eventually sold that army.

Since then, Ive tried resurrecting them from time to time. Usually just building up a color scheme, then deciding I didnt want to paint that. I think Ive even shared 1-2 of those here...

Well, last week I put brush to model, and came up with something I actually like. I also started thinking up some fluff, which I will share here, soon... The topper, though, is that I wrote a list. That turned it from a vague, doomed to failure idea, into something I can actually do. I hope.

So, the order I made as soon as I wrote the list arrived yesterday, which means Im working on a project again, and maybe Ill actually start blogging more! (Maybe).

Here is the test model I painted, slight changes are still possible...

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