Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nothing but Contempt

Next on the 30k Death Guard list is my Contemptor Dreadnought. Not happy with the assault cannon barrels, but figured they showed over-use, at the very least.

The base was something a little special. Still using the cork sheet like all my 30k models, but I layered it up in the front so he could prop his foot up. Side note: the Contemptor body/hips do not like being propped up like that.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Thinking out loud about Death Guard

--Warning! Rambly Wall of Text Ahead!--

Ive been on a bit of a tear with my Death Guard recently, as I am sure some of you have noticed. And there is more to come. Seriously, another picture post is still scheduled as I type, and Ive got three more already to get photographed and posted.

Well, when I made the order (WAAAAAAAY back in March!), the only goal I had was to make a 1500 point list. A respectable goal, in my opinion. Like all plans, it did not survive contact with the enemy: Me. As I type this, that 1500pt list is (finally) fully painted, along with a few extras to bump it to 2000pts. And that is not the end. During my trip last fall, I picked up a Fire Raptor, a Sicaran, and the event-only Navigator. Ive been bouncing between where they were going to end up, but pretty much settled on the Death Guard. For now. And right now, the Sicaran is on the painting table, so that is what matters.

In addition, thanks to a friendly neighborhood Tyrant, I have a few squads of MkIII infantry as well. Once those were decided on, I made another FW order, and got bolters that were more to my liking (came with Tigrus, I wanted Phobos), along with sufficient helmets and shoulder pads for the force, and a few other extras *coughMortarioncough*...

So, obviously my little 1500pt project has grown legs and is fully dancing now. The question is what music is playing?

Obviously, the Death Guard have some biases when it comes to models I should be building and bringing, though it is also said Mortarion wouldn't allow his force to be undone by the lack of certain units. Ill be focusing mainly on terminators and the basic tactical trooper, but I am planning to include some of the more specialized units.

Im going to try to stick with MKII and MKIII for most models where possible, though MKIV will make an appearance as well, mainly for the previously mentioned specialist units. Still, Ive got a few ideas on conversions to sneak more Crusade and Iron armor into the collection.

Originally, when I built up their bases, I did it to show these ancient heroes/heretics were a mighty step up from the Chapters of 40k, and I am going to stick with that. Speaking of bases, I am going to be sticking the power armor models on 32mm bases, because I like the look. Assuming I can ever order any of the blasted things!

Having blathered about model choices, unit choices, and bases, I think the only thing I wanted to touch on left is organizational details. Pretty sure being led by Typhon nails down that they are from the First Grand Company, Ill have to sort out what chapter when I get around to painting a banner....

So, where am I going with this force? End goal? Dont really have a goal. Whatever I feel like painting for these guys, and see where it ends up.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Typhon all done!

Continuing my 30k Death Guard trend, Ive got First Captain Typhon all painted up!

He was a fun model to paint, just a bit fiddly to get the brush in at all the right angles.

As a bonus, all my completed Death Guard at this point!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Been a bit busy...

So, I made a goal for 2015, and I am roaring into it. For now.

Here is my second unit of Death Guard Terminators for my growing 30k force. Since I built this force around the "Pride of the Legion" Rite of War, these guys count as troops. Eventually I will expand both units to 10 models.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year and all that

Think I was supposed to do my yearly wrap-up a few weeks ago (at least going by my habits so far)... Ahh well.

Overall, I had a decent year in 2014. Dont remember off the top of my head if I had any specific goals, and dont really care anymore if I did.

I didnt game as much as I could have, and I didnt paint anywhere near as much as I wanted. My number of armies has shrunk though, so Ill call that a win.

This coming year, I think Im going to stick with two goals.

1: Build Less.
2: Paint More.

See, from mid-September to the end of December, I didnt paint at all. Nothing. I was too busy trying to build an extra 3k points of undead for a mega-battle that I ended up missing because I got sick. Well, now Ive got a decent chunk of models for the games I play built. Not all built, obviously, but I can have a decent game without stressing that I dont have enough models.

So, Im going to *TRY* to avoid starting the new shiny. Obviously I will fail, but Ill be satisfied if I can keep the financial damage to a minimum.

As of the new year, this is where I am sitting:
40k Storm Fist Space Marines
30k Death Guard Legion
WHFB Undead Legions
WM/H Circle Orboros

I do have extras tacked on to half of these, or will soon. Ive got my 30k Night Lords to use as allies, if I feel like it, and plan to add some Dark Mechanicus and a Knight household for my Death Guard, maybe even some Imperial Army too. For my Circle, Ive got all sorts of Farrow to build and paint.

I still have my Skaven force as well, and we will see if I can resist the call of the Horned Rat when the next End Times book hits....

Thursday, November 13, 2014


"No, Master, please no!!!!"  The messenger's plea quickly devolved into a horrendously long and pain-filled death scream, eventually ending it's atonal assault as a quiet death rattle.

Mannfred von Carstein, Mortarch of Nagash, until recently the master of Sylvania dusted his hands over the dessicated remains of his spy. With an imperious gesture, he flicked a speck of necromantic energy into the corpse, directing it to get back to it's feet and join the massing zombie regiments.

How could this be? Vlad had been back for less than a year, torn screaming from the realm of the truly dead by their mutual Master, and yet he has managed to secure through guile and negotiation what Mannfred had been denied for nearly half a millennia of bloodshed and scheming. Vlad had managed to stumble into the perfect way to restore his fortunes, luck of the damned and pure happenstance, that is all it could be, Mannfred told himself.

And yet, in the darkest corner of what remained of his soul, a doubt lingered. Vlad was his bloodfather, the font of darkness that had started Mannfred's own journey into true power. Could it be that despite, or even because of his years beyond the living world, that Vlad's power, his intelligence, his sheer will to rule had emerged intact, perhaps even enhanced?

Vlad was now officially an Elector Count of the Empire. His name was now on a very short list of souls that could inherit the title of Emperor, once Karl Franz died. He could deliver the Empire to their Master's embrace merely by waiting for one mortal to eventually succumb to time, and what was time to the dead? The very thought of how he was cheated of his rightful place threatened Mannfred's long-suffering calm, and he resolved to once again bring Vlad to his deserved death. He had managed it once before, he just needed the opportunity to do it again...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lore of Undeath Summoning Cheat Sheet

Something Ive been meaning to write out for myself, and finally got around to it. There might be other versions out there, but Ive not see them yet. So, decided to share! If you spot an error, let me know.

I skipped the non-summoning spells, as this is all about the summoning. I decided to make the list based around the minimums. "If I cast this at base cost, and added no tokens, what could I get?" For units that need more than the minimum, I added a note. However, rather than make the list (particularly the Character section) unwieldy, I put a cap of 5 tokens on top of the minimum.

Some entries have an upgrade listed, this is either because it is free, or there are enough points left over that it is silly to not take the upgrade. These are usually (but not always!) the single model choices, where there is nothing else to add. In cases where I list units at higher than their minimum size, you should feel free to drop models to add any upgrades you feel are appropriate. In all cases here, I rounded down to whole numbers.

One final note, Nagash and Arkhan have special rules regarding this lore, and you could/should double or triple the unit sizes listed as appropriate.

Ryze - The Grave Call
Infantry unit up to 50pts or up to 100pts (50pt casting listed)
Vampire Counts units
-16 Zombies
-10 Skeleton Warriors with hand weapons or spears
-10 Crypt Ghouls
-4 Grave Guard (need higher cost spell and 1 token for minimum unit)
-1 Cairn Wraith (need higher cost spell and 5 tokens for minimum unit)
Tomb Kings units
-12 Skeleton Warriors
-8 Skeleton Archers (need 1 token for minimum unit)
-4 Tomb Guard (need higher cost spell and 1 token for minimum unit)

Monstrous Infantry unit up to 150pts
Vampire Counts units
-3 Crypt Horrors
-3 Vargheists
Tomb Kings units
-3 Ushabti with great weapons, extra hand weapons, or great bows
Undead Legion units
-1 Morghast Harbinger (need 1 token for minimum unit)
-1 Morghast Archai (need 3 tokens for minimum unit)

Razkhar - The Abyssal Swarm
War Beasts unit or Swarm up to 75pts
Vampire Counts units
-9 Dire Wolves
-4 Fell Bats
-2 Bat Swarm
-1 Spirit Host
Tomb Kings units
-1 Tomb Swarm (need 1 token for minimum unit)
-3 Carrion

Monstrous Beasts unit up to 150pts
Tomb Kings units
-1 Tomb Scorpion
-2 Sepulchral Stalkers (need 2 tokens for minimum unit)

Kandorak - The Harbinger
Single Character up to 65pts
Vampire Counts units
-Necromancer (Level 1)
-Vampire (need 4 tokens for minimum)
-Wight King (need 2 tokens for minimum)
-Cairn Wraith
-Tomb Banshee (need 3 tokens for minimum)
Tomb Kings units
-Tomb Prince (need 4 tokens for minimum)
-Tomb Herald
-Liche Priest (Level 1) (need 1 token for minimum)

Single Monster, Chariot, or War Machine up to 200pts
Vampire Counts units
-Corpse Cart with any upgrade
-Black Coach
-Terrorgheist (need 3 tokens for minimum)
-Mortis Engine (need 2 tokens for minimum)
Tomb Kings units
-Necrolith Colossus with any upgrade
-Necrosphinx (need 3 tokens for minimum)
-Screaming Skull Catapult with Skulls of the Foe
-Casket of Souls

Akar'aran - The Dark Riders
Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry, or Chariot unit up to 150pts
Vampire Counts units
-7 Black Knights
-5 Hexwraiths
-3 Blood Knights (need 5 tokens for minimum unit)
Tomb Kings units
-12 Skeleton Horsemen
-10 Skeleton Horse Archers
-2 Skeleton Chariots (need 2 tokens for minimum unit)
-2 Necropolis Knights (need 3 tokens for minimum unit)