Friday, June 26, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #14

Muh hah hah hah! Still going! On time today too!


Slow news week is slow.

Hobby & Gaming-

Had a game planned for Wednesday, but that got pushed back to Saturday.... which then got pushed up to Friday. We will see what happens. ;) 35pts of Farrow (under the command of Lord Carver), vs the Protectorate of Menoth. No idea which caster he will be using.

Hobby side has been slow, still have that Road Hog on the desk waiting to get cleaned up.


I was looking at the Imperial Fists entries for the Horus Heresy today, and noticed that Sigismund can take Templar Brethren as troops choices. This took me on an amusing train of thought.

Sigismund. Two Legion Champions. Six units of Templar Brethren. Nine Black Templars Venerable Dreadnoughts (three claws of three). Maybe some Land Raiders as transports.

More Templar than Templar.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Making bacon

As mentioned last night, Ive been working on Farrow again. Actually got about fifteen models assembled... and apparently I slacked off on taking pics, since this is the only one I could find. Rorsh (built) and Brine (laying down on the job, waiting on greenstuff to dry).

Well, my Farrow have a game lined up this week, we will see how they fare....

Monday, June 22, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #13

Posting on Monday, rather than Friday? Did I get lazy again? Nope! I get to blame technical difficulties this time! Yay technical difficulties!


News... Uhh. Hmm. Dark Angels codex is up for pre-orders, as expected. I'm skipping this one for a few months, as I want to save money for....

Age of Sigmar. Ive seen two almost exactly opposite sets of rumors about this new edition already, so my stance is now officially "Ill believe it when I see it". Plan is that Ill get the rule book release, and the starter game box (if there is one). But, I'm going to hold off on new armies until they have all been released, so I can decide which I actually like rather than start each in turn when I decide I like the newer one better than the previous.

Hobby & Gaming-

Gaming... Last Saturday I got one final game with Robert in... and lets just say we are both glad there were no pics of that game. He played Chaos Marines, and I am embarrassed that I tabled him. My Knight Crusader is unofficially retired from smaller games.

On the hobby side, well, I purchased the new Warmachine book Reckoning, and you know what that means, right? Yep, I am working on Farrow again! (No, don't try to understand.) Ive managed to knock out Rorsh & Brine, a full unit of 10 Farrow Brigands, a Razorback crew, and even the Opera Piggy herself: Helga the Conqueror. Right now, I have a Road Hog waiting for assembly.


Just a color scheme idea this week. Someday, I want to see someone paint up a Space Marine army in a Dia de Muertos (the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead) style. Would look pretty cool, I think!  

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Storm Fists and the new Codex

I have been wandering through the new Space Marine codex the past few days, and deciding how the changes affect my Storm Fists. Quick and easy answer is: Not much at all.

My basic 1500 CAD list changed a bit recently, as I swapped around a few special and heavy weapons, and split the scout squad into two units (and thus two missile launchers). The points fluctuated a bit, but worked out about the same value.

The long and dirty answer is a bit longer and dirtier...

Now, what about that Gladius formation? Well, I still need to finish models for it... Quick run up shows that I can EASILY make the demi-company formation up to 1500 points on its own, so I would need to change the way I run this army to get the required auxiliary formations. Basically, I would actually have to start on the table at the beginning of the game. (Boo!)

So, comparing formations to my collection, what do I need to add to get "street legal" on that side? Well, as mentioned Tuesday, Ive built a new Tactical squad, got a Devastator squad in the works, and I purchased an Assault squad box. So, demi-company is go.

I split my 10 scouts into two 5-man units, and built a third box thats been sitting for roughly three years now, which gives me a 10th Company Task Force.

I have a 10-man Sternguard squad all set, I am working on painting a 5-man Terminator squad.... and I have another Sternguard box that was hiding with the Scout unit, so once I build them Ill have a 1st Company Task Force.

A Stormtalon and a Stormraven only need another Stormtalon to give me a Stormwing Formation, which I am actually interested in running....

Next to last, I have a single Librarian, so if I add two more Ill have a Librarius Conclave. Not sure if this one is one I really want to use. Partially because I want to avoid "units of characters", and partially because fluff/story reasons. Though, I could see a Epistolary leading a pair of Lexicanium "apprentices". Hmm...

The final formation that I have models starting to get built up for is a second demi-company. Currently, a unit of 10 bikers (ok, 8 and an attack bike), and a box of Centurions. Figure Id add three Tactical squads and a Chaplain, then 3rd Company is ready to go. Idea I might do here is add two more Centurion models, then use the "floating" five Devastators as an ad hoc Command Squad for the Chaplain (which would give me a Reclusiam Command Squad if I ever so decided).

So, lets see. A Stormtalon, a pair of Librarians, three tactical squads, and a Chaplain would fill out the minimum models needed for these formations. Additional models needed to get them where *I* want them would be 5 more Assault marines, 3 Drop Pods, another box of Sternguard, 4 Rhino/Razorback kits, another box of Centurions... and probably a Land Raider Crusader for their transport.

Since transports are a big deal with the Gladius super-formation, I figure the demi-company Ive already nearly finished would be all drop pods, and the "beta" formation would be all rhinos/razorbacks/Land Raider for the big guys. One group running around, making trouble, and the other dropping in to spring the trap.

Once this is done, I might go back and look at some of the other formations...

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Knight and Scouts and Devastators feeling under equipped

Got some work done this past week, but nothing actually completed.

 Knight Crusader is built, and paint is go. This was his very first coat of blue, almost purple. Set off for his first game there...
 Added a layer of proper blue after that game, though. ;)

Ive got the new Space Marine codex, and am doing to reorganization to my units. One 10-man Scout squad has become three 5-man units!

Also added a new Tactical squad (not shown) and these five "extra bodies" for my new Devastator squad. Still need to decide how to arm their big gun-toting brothers.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #12

Remembered to post over my vacation time, somehow!


Just the final breath before Codex Space Marines is out, will be rushing to the shop for that later today or early tomorrow!

Got my pre-order in for Reckoning, as well as the Theme Forces book, next weekend I think. Lots of reading coming up!

Age of Sigmar is confirmed, but no real facts are out about what exactly it really is. Still in "wait and see" mode.

My copy of Tempest (book five of the Horus Heresy series) arrived this week, once again a very good read, and giving me all sorts of ideas for another new 30k force...

Hobby & Gaming-

Mortarion and my Cygnar still languish in their half-prepared states, but I added something new to my collection...

No, I havnt forgotten my House Hodagi knight, but the Eye of Horus and dead loyalist parts didnt strike me as something I should use with my Storm Fists all that often, so....

As far as gaming, I got in two games with Robert this past week, both 40k. My Skitarii (and Knight Errant) vs Tyranids the first game, and (with Knight Crusader) against his Flesh Tearers the second. Both very fun, and very indicative of just how brutal Knights can be (and also of how fragile).


Bit of a hobby idea/tip this week, rather than a theme suggestion. The carapace of the Imperial Knight kit has a hole through it, where you can plug in whichever of the new missile pods or autocannons you desire. I stuck a magnet to the underside of the carapace, and drilled a hole into the peg on the weapons. I then cut a tiny bit of paper clip and glued into that hollowed out peg. Easily magnetized weapons!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #11

Missed last week, whoops. I fully intend to blame the office's AC being on the blink, and being to hot and miserable to even think. Good excuse, right? ;)


Space Marine rumors are starting to flow, and I am getting all sorts of excited over that. Wondering what Ill need to buy to fill out some of the formations...

Lock & Load is this weekend, and Ive already seen a few tasty leaks. One in particular has me considering dusting off my Circle Orboros. Again.

Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar has a date now. I officially have a month before I need to start caring again. 
Hobby & Gaming-

No games lately, which is kinda sad. HOWEVER! I have a game scheduled with the brother this evening, and another with Rob tomorrow night.

As mentioned earlier this week, Ive got some paint slapped on my Skitarii, going for a Metalica look, I think. Reconsidering again, sadly.

Until I figure where I am going with them, I am planning on working on Storm Fists. Ive got a unit of Terminators half painted, and bikers in roughly the same state.


Usual dose of wacky ideas?  Something smaller scale this week, I think.

Take a look at the Ultramarines Invictarii heads and torsos kit from Forge World. Shave the "U" off the models, and what do you have? Some damn good looking Honor Guard. Just add Sternguard legs and shoulders. Now, one of the rumors says Honor Guard are no longer a thing, but Im betting they are getting rolled into the Command Squad entry. We will see...