Friday, March 27, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #2

Welcome back. I think.

This week has been pretty eventful with the news. GW is releasing Skitarii (had to double check spelling, I keep messing that one up!). I am obviously very interested in this army, but am holding off until I can get the book in hand before I buy anything. Ok, I might get a box of infantry for painting ideas. Maybe. Not sure if I want to restart my Imperial Crusade idea for 40k, or wait until they get worked into 30k (as we all know they will).

I initially threw money at Kickstarter for Mantic's new Deadzone box set, but then realized I wouldnt be seeing anything until January.... and well, I am impatient. I dont play the delayed gratification game very well. So, I dropped out. Ill just get it in store when released. I might have stayed in if it were a new company with a new game, but this is established. Not a concern that they will make it here.

Trying to get my brother into WarmaHordes, so far he seems to really like the Protectorate of Menoth faction. And would you look at that, the 35pt box just came out! ...and appears to be sold out everywhere already. Bah!

Painting this week, I slapped the first few layers of skin/fur onto two Gun Boars and a War Hog, but then got distracted by the Lancer. Now, I am working on Stryker. We will see what I finish over the weekend.

Up until now, Ive been posting pics of painted models on Thursdays, but with my Heretical Ramblings now going up on Friday, I am considering shifting those to earlier in the week. Maybe Tuesday. We will see.

So, collected army ideas for this week... Pretty tame on this front, for once. The one big one is a mix of an idea from Doc Bungle and my own original plans for the Storm Fists.

-AdMech Skitarii are on the hunt for a rumored scrap of STC information. They are being supported by Space Marines and/or Militarum Tempestus Scions. A varied and potentially very colorful force there, right?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Better lance that....

This week, I decided to work on something a bit different. Id been digging through my Warmachine and Hordes models, and the Cygnar stuff kept saying "Paint me!". So, I finished off the Lancer. 

Not entirely happy with some of the metal bits, might wash them with Nuln Oil. We will see. Also might add some grunge to the legs. If I get ambitious.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #1

Welcome to my first Heretical Ramblings, a (hopefully) weekly post where I ramble a bit. I stole the idea in part from Doc Bungle but hope to put my own stamp on things soon enough.

Im sure those that care have seen that Mantic is doing yet another kickstarter, this time returning to Deadzone. Funnily enough, Ive invested a bit in that game, and am considering throwing money at my first miniature Kickstarter. We shall see what they offer!

Privateer is releasing a book collecting all of the theme forces from  No Quarter, so you know Im going to be all over that!

The End Times have... well... ended, and GW is moving on. I finished reading Archaon on Tuesday, and am looking forward to 9th edition.

Last bit of news that I focused on this week was the Khorne Daemonkin book, and the AdMech/Skitarri book next week. I was slightly tempted by Khorne for a minute, but the follow-up rumors killed that in it's infancy. Really looking forward to what they do. Assuming we are not all wrong, and it is a Necron supplement based on the Dragon.

Painting has been slow lately, but (as many of you saw yesterday), I knocked out the beginning of my Thornfall Alliance on Wednesday. On the table right now, a pair of Gun Boars, and a War Hog. Those three plus Lord Carver will give me the Minion Battle Box equivalent, which I can use as a base for the rest of the models in the faction. From there, Ill either build/paint the rest of my 35pt Lord Carver theme force, or maybe whip out Arkadius' battle box.

Why battle boxes? Because my brother doesnt have a force of his own, but seems to like my Protectorate of Menoth starter. So, Im easing him in using battle boxes.

Games played, I had a fun game of WarmaHordes last Thursday night, against the ol' DT. 35pts, Circle (Baldur1) vs Menoth (Resnik1). I scored the single control point, but he won with an assassination.

Sunday night I played battle boxes against my brother. Thornfall (Lord Carver) against Menoth (Kreoss1). Quick and bloody, I won by assassination and having some idea what I was doing.

Last thing I plan to talk about is army ideas I bounced around this week. Sort of a repository for ideas, and they might inspire others to try them.
-Khorne Legion of Chaos, led by Valkia, all warriors and daemons.
-Nurgle Legion of Chaos, led by Gutrot Spume. Mix of Daemons, Beastmen, and Warriors.
-Nurgle Legion of the Everchosen, as above, just with added Clan Pestilans Skaven.

-Toying with the idea of these upcoming AdMech as Forge World Gersi, who work for Mortarion. Pretty sure they will cross into 30k soon enough.

-Digging out all my old battle boxes got me looking at my Cygnar models again, especially since I dont have a Warmachine faction, just Hordes.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Carving a name for himself

Bit of a confession here. I wrote the blog post with pics of my Sicaran about a month ago, and hadnt really painted since. Im writing this one about 12 hours before normal post time. Lets see if I can get my buffer going again.

I decided recently that I wanted to play Thornfall Alliance for Hordes, so I jumped in feet first. Ive got a lot more to paint up, but finished up Lord Carver today.

Going with a quick and easy scheme for painting, since they are just piggies... ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Death rides a quick horse

This was a fun model to paint. The problem was all the resin plugs to deal with, and the autocannon barrels. They may not look it in pics, but they are as straight as I can make them. Look at them wrong though, and they curve like a hot lady...

Anyways. My Death Guard Sicaran.

I wont lie, I wasted two decals on that off side, before saying "screw it!" and using the Legion number...

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Shrouded in Death

Originally I painted these guys all white, but they just looked... wrong. After careful consideration, I decided to paint their shoulders green, and yeah, that fixed a lot of my complaints.

I have a few more of these models, and am going to expand the unit to seven total. Probably use the rest for conversions. I think.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mortarion's Messenger Boy

I decided I wanted a character in Tartaros to lead my Deathshroud, for when Mortarion wasnt available. Typhon was a bad choice there, as he is in Cataphractii armor and is thus Slow and Purposeful (which kills pretty much any use the Deathshroud would have gotten from their hand flamers), so a spare Deathshroud (yes, I have spare) became Thelgos Ironblood, Mortarions Message Boy and Occasional Legion Champion. Figure Ill take him as a Centurion or Legion Champion depending on how many points I have left over. ;)