Friday, March 2, 2012

Circle Photodump

Been a while since I posted, huh? Ive been busy though!

My Wold Guardian, just finished today... In this pic, I still need to add the grass, and finish that little stone on the base. I am actually not happy with the recesses of the stone, far more green then I wanted.

Cassius and Wurmwood.

One of my units of Woldstalkers, the other unit looks the same.
 My fuzzy warbeasts, from the battle box. Im waiting for the plastic set to paint Kaya.
 Light wold beasts, front...
 ...and back.
 Megalith just wants a hug. I painted some of the wood green, to show it more alive...
 Sentry Stone and Mannikins. Yes, one is missing an arm.
 Shifting Stones and Stone Keeper.
 Pretty sure Ive shown Baldur, but here he is again.
Two of my happy little trees. The other two still need assembly.

Still on the table, a unit of Druids and Baldur2. :)

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