Wednesday, February 8, 2012

End of the road?

Monday morning, I got an unpleasant surprise. I go to turn on my computer, and all it does is beep at me. Long, annoying beeps. Shutting it off and turning it back on gets the same results. I pull out my handy tablet, and do a search... and discover my problem is likely a crapped out motherboard.

Ok, I can deal with this. Its about $200 that I dont want to spend, but hey... And then I get to thinking. What if I DONT replace it? The answer there is I will probably paint more. If my computer is on, Im usually playing WoW, or Rift, or maybe even Blood Bowl. Hell, even Twitter gets more time then painting.

So, Monday and Tuesday, you know what I did? I finished off my Sticks and Stones, after they had been sitting for a month. Ok, the three druid types still need work, but that is 20-something other models finished. If I keep this up, I might finish all my models by the end of next month...

So, lets see. No computer games means I paint more. Nearly everything else can be done from my tablet, or from my work computer. Im only seeing a single downside. Are you? Im betting you are...

Seeing as you are reading this instead of the Top Ten, you have likely figured it out by now. That is right. I have a blogger app on my tablet, but it is FAR more work then its worth to put together a Top Ten on it, and the filter on my work computer means that is not a valid option either. So, until further notice, Im putting the Top Ten on the back burner. Again. Bummer.

I guess this means I need to get back in the habit of doing my weekly hobby update things, huh?

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