Monday, March 19, 2012

Current Armies

A friend on Twitter asked how many current armies I have that are table legal, and it got me thinking that I should do a blog update. (Dont ask, I dont know).

So, quick answer to that is easy. Ogres, Red Scorpions, Cryx, and Circle. ALL my other armies have been sold. I still have the Imperial Fists, but thats just because I forgot to bring them with me last time.

If you want to get technical (may as well!), I also have each Warmachine and Hordes battle box set, so I could run a tiny game using any of those factions. I also got the 2-player WM kit, so I technically doubled up on Khador and Protectorate. Though, to be honest, after a single run with Khador, Im happy to stick with my shenanigan factions. Kinda. Ive been seriously considering a Cygnar force lately...

My Red Scorpions, however, are on the shelf. Ive mentioned before that I want out of the power armor power race. So... Ive got another army I am considering. More on that on Wednesday. ;)

Since I am dusting off all the bones, there is one other army languishing... Nurgle's Warriors of Chaos. Just two small units of converted Warriors and a Sorcerer. Im saving them for later. I think they will be a great project... someday.

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