Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gaming done!

Yesterday I drove up to play a few games with Deo and his group of friends. Its about an hour out from where I live, so its obviously something I dont do very often (last time being when WH8th Ed came out!).

So, I played three games... Ok, two and a half. First game was against Deo, Red Scorpions against Dark Eldar, 1,000 points. I took:

Chaplain w/ Jump Pack, Meltabombs, digital weapons

Tac Squad (5)
VSgt w/ Power Weapon
Razorback w/ Twin Lascannon, stormbolter, HK Missile

Tac Squad (5)
VSgt w/ Power Weapon
Razorback w/ Twin heavy bolter, stormbolter, HK Missile

Tac Squad (5)
VSgt w/Power Fist, stormbolter
Razorback w/Twin Heavy Bolters, HK Missile, Stormbolter

Assault Squad (8) w/Plasma Pistol
VSgt w/ Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Meltabombs

Dreadnought w/ Multimelta

Total: 999

As people who have been reading my blog for a long time know, I suck at battle reports, so Ill just share my lessons learned:

Deep Striking Assault Squads is still idiotic.
A Las/twinPlas Razorback should not be sitting in the back, on an objective, when trying to gun down DE skimmers.
Keep your eye on the mission, no matter what.

Basically what happened was the Las-2Plas Razorback and crew stayed on the objective in my zone, and the other two razorbacks went running to his objective. The Assault squad tried to be heroes and jumped into the middle of the field, just to get munched. In the end, I had a pair of empty razorbacks contesting the objectives, everything else of mine was dead. DRAW!

Game 2 was cut short by Deo having to go to work. My Cryx against borrowed Circle Oroboros. Quick and easy, only had enough time to get a few things into combat, but I could tell that I wasnt going to do well, I only had bonejacks.

Game 3 was against a gentleman named Chris. 35 points of Cryx against Skorne. I dont remember what he took, but my list was:

2 Deathrippers
1 Defiler
1 Seether
Skarlock Thrall

Dont spread out so much, even if you are trying to contest objectives, especially with a low model count force.
Infantry works, use it.
Use your debuff spells, dummy.
Infantry can and will beat down your bonejacks, eventually.
Hellfire is a fun spell.

There were some fun things in this game. Deathjack getting into a beating match with this spiky thing, only for Gaspy to walk over and stick it full of holes (Sustained Attack FTW!) In the end, I was getting tired, and I got a bit reckless with Gaspy, and he got killed. Still, a fun game.

Aside from this, there was some wheeling and dealing going on, and I got rid of a significant number of armies. Ill save that for a later post, probably Wednesday. ;)

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Disorderlies Tyrant said...

Congrats on getting some gaming in.

Deep-Strike Assault Squads...always risky but not always worthless.

Let me know when you have had enough practice with your Cryx for a few more rounds with me.