Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ahoy! Wall of Text about the Top Ten!!

So, here we go. Sunday and Monday, I was thinking about the headaches that came with the Top Ten. Long hours of work, the frustrations of blogs getting blocked at work, my less then wordy mind trying to come up with flattering descriptions for the links.

Monday night, I slapped together what was probably my most half-assed Top Ten ever. And despite it being a rush job, it felt like coming home. I had forgotten how much I put into these, and how much more I get out of them. The comments on the blog were nice (they always are!), and so were the comments I got from the twitterfolk Id linked. It had all those warm squishy feelings, like roadkill in July. I remembered how doing this helps the community as a whole, and with FTW in stasis, the community needs the help.

So, here we sit. I have a plan, and a request. I am planning on continuing the Tuesday Top Ten, in a recognizable format for the immediate future. That is ten spiffy links, every week. My request is simple. I dont have as much time to wander the blogosphere as I would like, and there are new and exciting blogs that need love. If and when you find one of these, do something about it! It could be as simple as emailing me, or linking in the comments to one of my posts, or you could really share the love by posting the link on your own blog! I will be putting in more effort to follow such links from here on out.

Now, there is actually one other concern about the Top Ten: Location, location, location. From The Warp was an AWESOME place for this type of list. Working with Ron was icing on a cake made of pure Win. However, that really isnt in the cards anymore. I have seen a bit of mention of others doing a Top Ten (Dark Future Games did one, I know I saw another elsewhere that escapes me right now, and SCWH is talking about one), and I fully endorse their efforts, along with the House of Paincakes weekly Top X, and any others that escape my befuddled mind.

However, do I want to go back to doing my list elsewhere, and leaving my own work here? I dont know. (And before you ask, I am sure Ron would have had no issue if I wanted to write something else for FTW, I didnt pursue that by my own choice.) So, for now the Top Ten will sit here on my quiet little corner of the internet. Maybe I should look into doing up some advertisements for it? We will see if Word of Mouth can restore it to its former glory. Or maybe, just maybe, the Tuesday Top Ten will migrate to a new home. Time will tell.


Wildhermit said...

We are all going to miss FTW and Ron for what it did to the 40k blogging community. The Top 10 was one of my favorite features on FTW and it rocked to be a new guy showing up on it once upon a time.

I have to admit, it made me quite lazy as the only exploring I would do was the Top 10 and the blogroll of site like BoLS and FTW.

All that rambling to say, I look forward to what you come up with and if I come across anything I will pass it along.

RonSaikowski said...

I certainly hope that however it comes to life and wherever that may be, it does the same thing for the community it did before.

Provide a place for folks to come and see what's new out there and what people are pouring the hobby efforts into.