Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Building an army

"Its a story as old as time"... Ok, no it isnt.

Im sitting here, reallocating shelf space to my Cryxian horde, and somehow I get to thinking about just how much of that force would be allowed under various theme lists (not very much). Somehow I get to thinking about army building.

No, not shelling out a chunk of your wages and taking home models to build (though that is involved). I mean more along the lines of whether you make an army list, then buy models and only build what you need to run that list, or whether you buy a lot of what looks cool, and sort out an army list after its all assembled (or maybe even before!). I guess there is a happy medium as well, in that you get some stuff, build it, then decide what to add to make a viable army.

Myself? Definite buy lots and then sort out a list. Occasionally Ill add something further along for the tactical advantage, but I really do "suffer" from Oh SHINY!!

So, looking at that, I have an insane variety of models for the Dragonfather (and most of my other armies). Not as many as Id like, but I am getting there. Of course, having variety means building an army list is a bit easier (I likely have a tool for any job), and a bit harder (one tool? try three!). So, I really like the idea of the theme lists, as it limits what I can look at... I just have to settle on a Warcaster in the first place... *sigh*

So, how does everyone else do it, buying one unit at a time, with an overall plan in mind, or do you not have any idea what you are adding until after it is assembled?


Mike Howell said...

My, oh-so-intelligent plan:

1. Start to lust after a new army
2. Buy a blister for new army
3. Buy 2-3 boxes for new army
4. Paint model from blister
5. Stare guiltily at unassembled models from box
6. goto step 1

Seriously though, I tend to buy what looks cool to me and then make minimal lists from that. Only after building a playable "cool" list do I start to add units that might actually perform well.

Felix said...

I'm with Mike.

Start with cool stuff, build a minimal list, then go crazy.

So for Cryx you're talking a warcaster, maybe one heavy 'jack, one or two arc nodes, and some scrub unit (McThralls usually).

Your minimal playable force will vary from 'caster to 'caster, but there are mainstays like Mechanithralls.

Sgt. Brisbane said...

I used to buy a ton of crap, then sort out a list. Then I got married, had kids, bought a house...can't do that anymore, lol.

Now, I really think about the army I'm eyeing. Is it me? Is it a fad for me or do I really enjoy playing it, etc.

Then I'll make several lists, (play test with proxies when possible) and choose an all comers that suits me.

Then I'll go ahead and buy that list.

Loquacious said...

For Wm, you don't NEED a lot. You can pick between 4 and 10 models and be done, if you like (although Menoth don't like it when you do that).

Me, I'm making my list of what to buy based on what will make the most flexible force for the faction I want to run.

Death 0F Angels said...

Its super easy to proxy WM. Playtest, playtest, playtest. Then go buy what you like. Theres no hurry, looks like you have plenty to work on in the mean time ;)

HuronBH said...

Okay, so here is my strategy (read failure)

1. Have interest peaked
2. Buy Rulebook/Codex/Army Book
3. Buy a large selection of what looks cool to me
4. Start Painting
5. Find out what I like is the bad stuff
6. Buy the good stuff that looks cool to me
7. Restart Painting
8. Figure out I need some of the good stuff that isn't cool to me
9. Buy what I need to round out the list
10. Play some games and Paint
11. Buy the rest of what is available when I remember I am a collector and I want to have it all.

Ryan said...

Haha, thanks for the comments all!

Huron: That was my method before I got married again. Once things get sorted out with her disability claim, it might be once again... ;)