Monday, November 1, 2010

Painting Table Update

In an effort to put off working on anything else that I should be doing, you get a post!

Lets start off with the Red Scorpions. Ive got Loth basecoated with a dark blue, and will be moving onto a lighter blue for the armor soon. The rest of the new Red Scorpions are still sitting in their primer. Ive not gotten around to ordering more shoulder pads yet, and likely wont until mid-month. Still havnt decided on how I will equip the last three models for my command squad.

STATUS: Slow/Stalled.

My Empire army is in a box, in the storage room. I got the halberdiers up to the white drybrush and lost all interest. I might pick them back up sooner or later, then again, I might not. Ive been looking at Skaven a bit more lately. I like the look, and the feel of the army, but I am still not sure about all that brown.

STATUS: Stalled/Dead

Black Legion. Ive got a Black Legion army, have I mentioned it before? Im sure I have... Its over 4k points of fully painted goodness, and has actually won Best Painted at a tournament I went to WAAAYY back when (when? 5 years or so). What does this have to do with anything? Well, I am getting my sis-in-law to take decent photos of it, then I will be selling it. I havnt decided whether I want to post it on eBay or try to sell it through the blog, or even though the Bartertown or whatever... Ill let you all know. Im planning on using the funds to either add to the Red Scorpions, or maybe something new. ;)

STATUS: Circling the drain.

WarmaHordes, Malifaux, and other games are starting to look more interesting, and with the Bunker no longer being the base for most of my wargaming needs, there is less reason to hold back. Ive almost decided to back-burner my Cryx, though I havnt decided whether to start Cygnar or Gatormen minions. I do want to work on them more now, though.

STATUS: Gaining steam.

Actual gaming... Havnt done any of that since the last time DT and I played WarmaHordes (which I never got around to posting about, whoops! Suffice to say, I got stomped!). I really need to get around to that soon, before we get another Snowpacalypse.

Online gaming. Yeah, I am still addicted to WoW, but Ive been messing with Blood Bowl more lately. Havnt gotten Legendary yet, but soon!


Michael said...


If you're interested in getting more games of WM/H in you should come check out Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie on Sundays and most Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There's a strong and active group of players, including 2 Pressgangers (I'm one of them) and we have events every months as well as a lot of casual play.

Hope to see you soon there.

Ryan said...

Michael, I am definitely interested, and knew about the Sunday and Tuesday games. Problem has always been my Sunday D&D, and the randomness of how I deal with the Tuesday Top Ten.

I did not know Wednesdays were good as well, I might have to pop in for that.