Friday, November 5, 2010

Exhuming the dead

First, no TRotS this week, I slacked on making the Top Ten and there isnt many leftover posts to do a proper list. Blame the Dresden Files books.

As soon as I say I am ignoring the Cryx, I decide to pull them out and set them up. Figures...

Current list of goodness is:
Bile Thralls
Bane Thralls
Revenant Crew
Soul Hunters
Machine Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Skarlock Thrall
1 Slayer
1 Reaper
1 Defiler
4 Deathrippers
Asphyxious (Prime)
Deneghra (Prime)

All the units are max sized, but no UAs yet. I do intend to add them, just havnt gotten around to it yet. Right now, the only things not painted are two Soul Hunters and four Revenants. Hopefully I can get motivated to bust them out this weekend.

The 'jacks are the old metal versions, I havnt decided yet if I am replacing them, or adding to them. Adding to them makes the most sense. Pretty heavy on infantry currently, I could use more machines in my Warmachine army, huh? One thing I think PP should work more on is more "non-standard" Helljack forms. The Leviathan and Harrower are good starts, but the basic shape of the others are just like the 'jacks from every other force. Of course, I think they have it right on the bonejacks, only one could be remotely called bipedal.

As far as an ultimate goal for this force, I dunno. I think aiming at having full FA for each entry (for a single caster) is a realistic longterm goal (at least more realistic then say, a full Space Marine Chapter! ;D).

As always, I think I am building this force towards the goal of having more options then I (or any regular opponent) knows what to do with. Yes, I am bringing Cryx, but is is 'jack heavy lead by Gaspy, or a Bane list with Goreshade? Waves of McThralls? I wont be mastering a single list, but eventually I will have working experience with pretty much anything Cryx can throw at the enemy. At least that is what I tell myself...


Loquacious said...

Love the pistol wraiths- just pretty, pretty models.

Ryan said...

Agreed on that. Right now, my collection is about 85% models I bought because I liked the look of. The rest was me thinking I needed more arc nodes (a safe choice!).

Loquacious said...

With Cryxx? You can't go wrong with more arc nodes.

Disorderlies Tyrant said...

It's a versatile bunch to be sure.

You just need practice with it.

Possibly a LOT of practice because the Cryx learning curve is high, and, since I used to play Cryx myself I'm pretty aware of what the tricks are to look out for.

Kind of a hard row for you, I admit.