Friday, November 13, 2009

Frogs on sticks!

I pulled out my Bretonians this morning, or rather that mangled pile of plastic that was my Bretonians...

Two units of peasants, a unit of archers, a unit of knights, a unit of pegasus knights, a pair of sorceresses, and a pair of paladins. LOTS of broken models. Im even missing a pair of the knights, though their horses are present and accounted for. Im thinking Ill be attempting to glue them back together when I get home. I also have two unopened boxes of yet more knights, but Im gonna hold off on opening them.

Im not exactly sure why Im bothering with them, as we are getting keys sometime this weekend, and the next two weeks will be us trying to move into the new place as quickly as we can. I cant wait to have a back yard to do my spraying in, even if winter is coming up...

Oh, and the title? You ever taken a good look at the peasant musician's drum sticks? :)

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