Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Twinkies and the House of Doom

What does that title have to do with anything? Not a damn thing. But it amused me, and in the end, thats what this blog is for, to keep myself amused. :)

Ive been neglecting to work on this lately, I think it was 3-4 posts in the past month, when I was up to 3-4 posts a week before. Pretty sad, huh?

So, Ive been assembling High Elves recently. My Sea Guard just need their heads glued on, and then I get to decide if Im going to glue the shields on before or after painting them. Right now I am leaning towards after. I put together a list of the stuff Ive got, and its looking like around 1200 points (Battalion set, mage, noble, 5 Swordmasters).

Im still in a bit of a funk as far as 40k is concerned. Lots of stuff to work on, none of which is particularly appealing at the moment. I do have ideas. Prolly more then is healthy for me... Ive been paying a lot of attention to Space Marines lately, both Imperial and Chaos, and Im starting to get tugged a bit towards the Xenos side of the table. No real ideas right now though.

When the Wife and I went to look at the house we are moving into, we decided that the small room with the best sunlight was going to be my painting room. Well, Ive been rethinking, and I think I convinced her to let me use the larger room (that gets crappy sunlight) as the hobby room/man cave, as there will be more room for my gaming table, painting table, and shelves for the books and what-not I need for my mini-crack. The best part of this situation, however, is that my hobby stuff and computer will be in seperate rooms. This means that when I sit down to paint, I wont be tempted to "quickly check my email (for 4 hours)" without getting up and going into the other room. Of course, when I do get to my computer, my painting stuff wont be right there to guilt me into working on it.

So, good news on the job front, I will be going back to 8 hour days after I come back from my Turkey Day vacation... still 10pm-6am. Wont be getting the extra hours, but Ill have time to actually do stuff, and wont have to rush so much with the Top Ten anymore.

It figures that they would open a GW less then two miles from my apartment just before I move, though the closest GW once I have moved will be the Glen Burnie Bunker (ignoring the one at the Arundel Mills mall, I hate going to the mall!). Hopefully Ill be able to force myself out for games more often, with it being that much closer.

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