Monday, October 12, 2009

Time for another one of my infamous random wandering posts...

Disorderly's Tyrant has a good post up regarding the game we played last Saturday!

On Sunday, Deo asked when I was going to start working on my Imperial Fists again... He didnt seem too pleased with my answer ("bleh, I hate painting yellow"), but he did get me thinking about it, so I pulled them out Monday morning and have been looking at them.

Since then, Ive also pulled out my Black Legion, and have them set on the table... Ive done a decent amount of work on fixing the broken models, and I even assembled a trio of Obliterators that have been sitting in pieces for a year or two (or more!). I did the math, and if I were to play a game using only fixed and completely painted models, it would be over 4000 points... And then there are the 70+ models that still need paint and/or fixing, like all my Rhinos and one of my Land Raiders....

This afternoon, as I was trying to figured how I was going to fix those Black Legion Rhinos that have lost spikes (simple answer, break off the rest of the spikes!), I got to looking at the Imperial Fists that were on the other side, and decided it was finally time to do something... So, I picked out all the heavy weapon guys with the metal guns and popped them off, and went looking for my leftover plastic heavy weapons. Im not a fan of the "hybrid" models, they love to break on me whenever possible. I found 5 heavy weapons, to go with the 6 models... Hrm. I actually think I have a spare missile launcher in the box o' sprues, so I should be ok. I might actually get them assembled this week, maybe. Im actually hoping to get around to rebasing another squad or two this week... once the based models are up to current standards, Ill get on to working on finishing some of the others.

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