Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend War

So yeah, I had a game planned with the Disorderlies Tyrant yesterday, out at the Columbia MD Games Workshop... Not only did I get to play that game, but right after I had a pick up game against a young Black Templars player, then earlier today I played Deo, with him using the new Space Wolves list.

First game, DT was playing Tau, it was a spearhead mission with 3-4 objectives (big cans of Red Scorpions Universe Famous Chili!). Lot of fun, as games with him always are. Ended up as a tie, his Kroot were camping close to one of the cans, and I wandered over and sat next to another can, then did the massed firepower thing to get rid of the Fire Warriors that were so rudely contesting my claim.

Second game, I wish I could remember the guys name, but oh well. He was playing a BT variant, sorta. He was obviously new to the game, so I cut him a great deal of slack. He had a Termy Chaplain with retinue, Helbrect, 2 crusader squads, an assault squad, and a vindicator. Prolly more, but I cant remember. This was the first time Id faced a vindicator, and after it turned my objective holding squad into a pink mist, it became target number 1. I was somewhat sneaky with this game... I knew he was going to be trying to get into melee with me, so I set most of the objectives on his side of the table, and then hid my dreadnought, assault squad, and rhino behind terrain. Those three didnt move until the third turn, when they sprung the trap. He left a single crusader squad on the objective and as I expected moved everything else into the jaws of the scorpion. In the end, I had moved another combat squad on the objective, and then popped a single one of his objective holders with a krak missile... as he was playing the BT list, his guys were filled with righteous fury and promptly abandoned the objective, allowing me to win the game.

Third game for the weekend was against Deo. He had a Grey Hunter pack, a Blood Claw pack, Wolf Guard, Sky Claws, a land speeder, a Predator, a terminator Lone Wolf (with frost blade), a WGBL and a Rune Priest. I attempted to replicate the tactics Id used against the Black Templars the night before, mostly successfully. He abandoned his objective, and attempted to steamroll into me. I lit up his blood claws, then when they got too close I charged with the assault squad that had been lurking. His jump packers didnt do too much (I think we both agreed they should have taken a different route), but the speeder that followed them made a nuisance of itself for a good long while. I poured a great deal of fire into the Lone Wolf, and it proved its durability, dying on the last turn, though as I consider it now I should have ignored it until it got close, as it was going straight towards my Dreadnought... since the LW only has a frostblade, the dread was in no danger at all. Meh. In the end, it was a draw, as he fried my objective holders, and wasnt holding his own.


I always hear that any turn that assault troops are not in melee is a turn wasted. I say that if your melee troops are acting as a strategic reserve, its ok for them to sit and wait.

Knowing your opponents special rules means you can exploit them! Black Templars Righteous Fury, for example...

Space Wolves are competitive, but not scary. If he played better, I would have lost. If I had better dice rolls or played a bit smarter, I would have won.

Lone Wolves seem scary, but dont get stupid and throw the kitchen sink at them. Mainly, dont waste the high strength heavy weapons on them, a squad of bolters would prolly be more effective.

Firepower, firepower, firepower. Concentrate your shooting for best results. On the flip side, combat squads can help to ensure you dont waste shooting at a target that would be dead with just 5 models shooting at them.

Also, Deo brought over some stuff I had traded for: a squad of FW Death Guard, a squad of FW Death Guard Terminators, and a Nurgle Dreadnought. Obviously I am taking the opportunity to return to my plague infested roots, and starting work on a new Death Guard army. :)


Kristin said...

didn't you have me roll a die at the end?

Ryan said...

Yeah, that was just the "end of the world" roll, random game length... Almost all games end with that, usually its rolled by one of the players, but since you were there... ;)

HuronBH said...

Hey, I thought you were starting Eldar?

Anyways good reports, interesting lessons learned.

Disorderlies Tyrant said...

Great game, Ryan.

I've put my relatively long-winded breakdown of the game up here:

Short answer is, of course, that I need more playtime with the Tau. Are the Red Scorpions up to that challenge?

Ryan said...

@HuronBH No, I think I mentioned that Deo is thinking about Eldar... I think...

@DT Great read, Ill prolly make a comment there after I get to work and have time to formulate a coherent response. :) The Red Scorpions are definitely up for the challenge!