Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mini Vacation and planning for the annual

So, I mentioned over on the Top Ten at FtW that Im taking two weeks off later this month. We are moving from an apartment to a nice house! :)

What I didnt mention is that we are about three months out from my hitting the one year mark with the Top Ten. With this vacation accounted for, I should be posting number 50 that week. Now, what I am trying to decide is what to do for it? The ideas I have had so far have been either a double sized edition (boring!), a blast from the past edition (Top Ten from the year past? has potential!) , or maybe a Readers Choice... Now, whether thats readers choice from the year prior, or readers choice from the week online, who knows....

What do you guys think? Any suggestions, ideas, or should I shut up and do the regular week stuff?


Anonymous said...

Some thoughts:

- Top 10 for the year
- Top 10 in each category (like the emmies/grammies: Drama, Comedy, Musical, New Artist, etc.)
- Top 10 in each category (modeling, painting, batreps, analysis, etc.)
- Top 10 that could've been (posts that should've made it, but there just weren't enough spots)
- Top 10 blogs in general (not posts--but entire blogs that consistantly showed good content)

Use 'em if you want: I'm just spit-balling some ideas... no worries if you come up with something better.

Death 0F Angels said...

Congrats on the upgrade! I like the readers choice or the top 10 of the top 10. Maybe as the most memorable posts or somesuch.

Ryan said...

WH39: I like the Top 10 Blog contributers idea... I think no matter what else I do, that one will get used. :) The "could have beens" is an interesting idea, but I dont keep track of those that I cut.

DOA: The problem with a Top 10 of the Top 10 is that what Id choose today is rarely what Id choose tomorrow, it really is subject to whim.

Good ideas, and hopefully we will get more as the day gets closer!