Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The future of the Monday Top Ten

No, Im not going to stop doing it, and no Im not changing the format... What I am going to change is when I do it.

I usually do the whole thing right after I get to work on Monday nights. This isnt an issue, since work is slow. One of the problems Ive had for a while now is that almost all pictures not hosted on the blogs themselves were getting blocked by the webfilter. Annoying, and Im sure I missed out on a number of great pics to share.

Last night, however, something new came up. BoLS is now filtered. "Thats not a big deal, you hardly link them anyways!" My point being that if BoLS is filtered, how long until other sites worthy of links get blocked as well? So, starting next week with #20, Ill be doing these from home.

My question is this: Do I do it after my Sunday night shift, or after my Monday night shift? If I take option b, its actually going out on Tuesday. If I do it Monday morning, I risk being distracted by WoW and rum. (FYI, WoW usually does patches and whatnot on Tuesdays, right after I get home.) Realistically, Im betting most people wouldnt notice a difference if I did it Tuesdays.

As a side thought, if I start doing it on Tuesdays, I might change the name to the T3. ;)



Tristan said...

I look forward to it on Monday's, but I would say just fit it into your schedule however best suits you. We can all afford to wait a day ;)

Klaus said...

As long as you supply us with those great links that we may have missed I'm fine with any day - as long as it remains weekly, not monthly :P
So T3 is just fine - and if it helps you to bridge the WOW-Patch-Time - that's 2 flies with 1 stone :)
Cheers and keep it up

the other Kevin said...

I don't always read it on Monday, but enjoy the recap. So, whenever you can best do it, that's okay by me.

Mike Howell said...

Go for the alliteration.

Kevin said...

Yes, Mike has it right, alliteration for the win! Honestly, it's up to whatever is easier for you mate!

Ryan said...

Haha, thanks all, I think Ive almost made my decision on when it will be... but Im going to keep it to myself and surprise you all next week. ;)

jabberjabber said...

Looking forward to the surprise next week!

Being Down Under, I guess I usually read the Monday list on Tuesdays regardless ;-)

Ryan said...

To be realistic, most people probably do. I usually get it done about 11:30pm on Mondays. As Im on the east coast of the US, that gives us goobers in the states at best three hours to read it on Monday. Its usually out a few hours after midnight for europeans... and with the date line messing things up, I have no idea for those on the other side.