Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Army Bug

Its taken a while, but the bug has hit me again. I want to do something new and different. In 40k, thats a problem, since the only army that has ever had a book that Ive never attempted before is Daemons. Ive got some daemons, from different Chaos Marine armies, but nothing concrete as an army.

Ive been thinking whatever I do, has to not be Space Marines. Ive done tons of them. Im actually considering a Fantasy army. Empire is tempting cuz I like humans, and they are a fairly flexible force. Beastmen have been on my list, mainly because of the potential for conversions. Id have to pick up a few more Chaos Spawn sets just for all the tentecles Id want to add... and Id need the "Skippy's Revenge" Chaos Hound unit (inside joke). I was talking to Mikie earlier, and he suggested Ogre Kingdoms, and Im still not really interested in continuing work on the models gathering dust in my closet. Then we started talking about High Elves... He seems to think they are a powerful army (top 5 or so), where I think they may hit decently, but have something even worse then a glass jaw. So, I got to thinking, maybe he is right... Ive still got that battalion box in my closet...

I made up a few lists here, first two are 40k Daemons, one Nurgle and one Slaanesh. For each of those all Id have to buy is two boxes of lesser daemons. The third list is 500 poins of High Elves, using stuff I already have.... oddly enough, it looks a lot like the Dwarf list I made up for the Escalation Thing... I still dont know for sure what Im doing for a new army, but those High Elves are at least getting assembled, and I might throw some money at one of the Daemon lists next week, at the very least I could use the Plaguebearers for my Purge CSMs...

GUO w/ Aura of Decay

5 Plaguebearers w/Noxious Touch

5 Plaguebearers w/Noxious Touch

Daemon Prince w/MoN, Iron Hide, Noxious Touch

Total: 500

KoS w/Pavane of Slaanesh, Soporific Musk

6 Daemonettes

6 Daemonettes

6 Daemonettes

Total: 497


Noble w/ Heavy Armor, great weapon, Helm of Fortune

14 Spearmen w/full command

10 Archers w/full command

Repeater bolt thrower

Total: 498

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