Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This, that, and the other thing...

This weekend, Mikie and I (possibly newcomer Chris, and Keith as well) will be joining DT and his crew for some games, officially kicking off the Escalation Thing, and prolly busting out everyones two games in one day. Mikie has decided to play Skaven for this instead of the Wood Elves, since Chris already has the treehuggers as an army.

As I posted earlier, Im working on having a completely painted Crusade force, and this past weekend was a very good start, as I got a tactical squad for both the Marines Errant and Imperial Fists finished. Im now planning on getting the models for that 1k list done up, which means Ive got a unit of scouts that need numbers on their tac badge and chapter symbols, a MkIV Dreadnought that just needs finishing touches, and a squad of Terminators that are sitting in just their blue and white. Not too bad at all.

This weekend was also good for my table, as I picked up paint for the hills, and some plastic trees. Not the horribly overpriced "3 for $30" GW trees, but these trees. I didnt get them online, but at the hobby shop fairly close out here. Little more expensive then online, but not by much. I have now set the bases of these trees onto old scrap CDs, 2-3 trees on each, so they are easy to deal with on the table, but wont keep falling over. Im planning on getting at least three more sets of these, just to make the games more interesting. Once thats done, Ill have a decent "generic" battlefield setup, with hills and forests. From there Ill be looking at getting some buildings, both fantasy and futuristic.

Vigil Games is working on a 40k MMO, but havnt gotten past the "yeah, we are working on it" stage of information. Even so, Im getting fairly excited over it. :)

Think thats all I have for now...

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