Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Army idea - Numerators

I had an idea this morning of a new Space Marine chapter. On the tabletop they would play just like any other Space Marine army, its just fluff Im playing with here.
Chapter is called the Numerators, and they believe the entire galaxy can be broken down and controlled with the right sequence of numbers. Every fight they get into, they calculate odds and search for the hidden meanings behind every possible number encountered, from the number of orks killed, to the number of bullets that hit their tanks, to the amount of ammunition spent by the task force.
One of their defining features is their lack of a real chapter badge. Instead, every Space Marine has a unique four digit number assigned to them, that is stenciled onto their shoulder armor, and they keep that number for their entire life. When the marine dies, the number is recycled, unless it belonged to the Chapter Master, then that number is retired. Chapter banners bear the Chapter Number of 862.
The Chapter is laid out in a very different format then Codex chapters, and even non-Codex. They have all the usual ranks, 10 Captains each with an assigned Command Squad, and assorted chaplains, librarians, techmarines and what have you, but there are no companies. When the portents are in favor of combat, the Captain in command will select the troops he believes will be most useful for the situation. Despite not having companies, each Space Marine belongs to one of then "Lists", each List being tended to by a particular Chaplain and Apothecary. Each squad will assume the needed role and equipment right before combat, as the randomized numbers dictate.
If I get around to working on these guys, I plan to do them all magnitized. Ill prolly also not use the tac badges like I put up there... though Im not exactly sure what I would put. If anyone else wants to have at them, go for it! :)


Master Darksol said...

I got a question: Are you going to play it fluffy and randomly roll for each squad's equipment layout before each game? :D

It's a neat idea, and unique, so I like it. Color scheme is sharp looking and simple, so I think it's a good one.

Ryan said...

Nah, while Id LOVE to have something completely random to run around with, I think that would be more headache then its worth.

Though I could see this: pick space marine squads, each can be fast attack, troops, or heavy support. As you deploy them, roll a D3, and that tells you what kind of squad they are (tactical, assault, or devastator). Getting a list entry for that would be a pain... getting others to play against it even more so.

sovietspace said...

Thats really quite a cool and unique fluff for a marine unit. Great job mate :)

jabberjabber said...

Sounds like a thinking marines' chapter! Great idea.
I was worried that they might run out of numbers if they retired too many, so I ended up thinking how long would a chapter master live for? Perhaps 200 years? So that's 5 numbers retired every millenia. I think they can live like that for a long time yet (before they come to their own version of the Y2K bug!).

FoxPhoenix135 said...

Don't worry, as in fluff universe it is endtimes for the imperium, so pretty soon they won't have to worry about continuing on numbers at all!

Sean said...

I do very much like the idea behind these guys; it fits with the Imperium's weird almost-scientific dogmas while remaining unique amongst them.

Jabber: Don't SM commanders generally live a lot longer than that? I'm not 100% up-to-fluff on Marines (since I don't play them), but I was under the impression that that 200 years was on the short side for one of them. And even still 10^4 means it is going to be a LONG time before they start to run low. Hell, unless they break codex on approximate total strength (which most chapters can't get away with, thanks to the Inquisition), they could still last ~10 "generations" giving every single Marine a unique number.

bG said...

Definitely get some prime numbers in there - lots of primes, and factors of 3
In maths, these are the numbers that everyone loves and hold a nice place in most mathmeticians hearts, as does the fibonacci sequence

Brother Argos said...

Nice colour choices, where did you get the Space Marine image ;)

Ryan said...

Thanks all, good ideas on the prime numbers and all.

Im not exactly sure what the "lifespan" for a Chapter Master would be, though Id figure 3-4 centuries as average (thats total life lived, not years as CM).

The picture itself is from the Bolter & Chainsword painter, very handy tool!

Wildhermit said...

Well you could randomize it before each game and still be "legit" both under the rules and in your fluff.

Just make up several 250 pt - 500 pt chunks. Rather than field one "list" field 3 500s for a 1500 point force.

Build a couple of selections and have at it. Sounds like a cool random idea. I may ninja it too :) Just show up with a bunch of lists and surprise yourself and your opponent :)

Siph_Horridus said...

You've been watching too much Jim Carrey and No.23! Like it.

Ryan said...

heh, Ive actually not seen a Jim Carrey movie in years. This was something random that popped in my head while I was in the shower.

Nick said...

I like the idea, it has a very unique feel to it and feels very gothic.

The theme fits the 40k theme very well. Trying to find meaning in the random and misunderstood.

Ryan said...

Thanks, the more I hear that its an interesting idea, the more Im wanting to actually do something with it... now to convince the wife to let me buy the magnets!