Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Numerators

Been poking at the Numerators idea some more, and I like the idea of making giving some of them robes. Not entirely sure of the color yet, but this works for now. Also had the idea of using Black Templar shoulder pads for every battle brother (since I have like a bajillion of those pads polluting my bits box! ;D), and paint them gold-ish. I was considering limiting them to a single armor version, but figured that would be a massive headache, instead Ill go the opposite and welcome as many different versions as possible.
I was trying to decide on a method of marking each squad, and had almost decided on a three digit number (001-100) on their knee, when I figured "Hey, if the squads are chosen randomly, why not members of those squads chosen randomly?" So, no actual squads, they fight together as dictated by the Numbers. Makes for a very chaotic layout... also means I dont have to keep units sorted out when packing them up.
As far as putting these guys together (if I ever win the lottery), I want to go all out on them. Resin bases, magnitized arms, actually taking my time to paint... ;) I think Ill bust out a 1k wish list...


Falk said...

I love the idea!
What about robes in a pergament style, and equations written all over them, representing the "statistics" and thereby the fate of every brother? That would be awesome!
And you can have banners in a similar style, adding to the weird "We can aclculate everything if we try hard enough"-feeling

Ryan said...

I like that idea, I may steal it. :)