Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Top Ten #24

Here I sit, brok.... oh wait, thats not what Im here for....

1. Equinox is making me consider ignoring all Space Wolf rumors until the book comes out, just to test this.
2. Tin Weasel talks about model preparation.
3. Big Jim's Soul Reapers HQ choices look pretty nice!
4. The Drunken Samuri talks about what Games Workshop does right.
5. Karitas shows his painted Inquisitor Lord and retinue.
6. Darkwing gives tips on painting MARPAT.
7. I really like this Terminator Chaplain from the Vanus Temple.
8. Stelek talks about dice, math, and other stuff.
9. Emperors Wrath shows us some minefield markers.
10. Karitas has an "interesting" Daemonhost.... I wonder about those tentacles....


Karitas said...


Made it into your list two weeks in a row, and twice this week.

Thanks so very much for the shout out, and for doing this each week, theres always something here that i've missed.

Mitch said...

One day I'll make the list!!! :D
Great list as usual!


Ryan said...

Ya know Mitch, I seem to remember you making the list before.... And after going back and looking, I dont see it. Hrm, must have been one of the ones I opened but had to choose between... One of these days Gadget! ;)

Big Jim said...

Wohoo, second time on the top ten!

Thanks for pluggin' my evil HQ's!