Monday, July 13, 2009

Just a bit of stuff

Been almost two weeks since Ive had a real post, weird... Lets see, what have I been working on?

I picked up Bloodbowl for the PC, and Ive been having a blast with it. My computer is a bit slow, so Ive gotta play with the graphics turned down, but even then its amusing all around. :)

I finally got around to working on some of my Cadians. Pulled out a platoon of them, and got the green all finished over the weekend. Hopefully this week Ill get the skin, boots, and weapons done, then I can decide exactly how Ill be painting the shoulder pads.

Ive been considering working on Space Wolves for a long while now. Ive always liked their look and background, but always found something else Id rather work on at the time. Well, last week I was about to say screw it and start making plans to have some Wolves lined up for when the book hit... then I saw these. Hrm. Right now I think my plan is to pick up 3-4 boxes of the current Grey Hunters, and save the Space Wolf bits for when the new ones come out, cuz you can never have too many bits.... But its almost official that they will be my next new army. Kind of a perfect opposites match with my Red Scorpions.

Now I need to figure how Im going to make them different, and figure out of Im going to make a new Wolf Lord, or go with one of the special characters. Normally an easy answer, but Im actually considering building it around Ragnar Blackmane... We will see as more rumors pour out.

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G said...

Welcome to the pack.

There's quite a few armies out there, if you haven't already seen, check out galaxy in flames, 40k wolves, space wolves, space wolves grey and my "iron legions" blogs for some inspiration, we've each got our own takes on how the wolves should be. We're also happy to discuss ways to make your wolves a little personal and different.