Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Planning on the Puppies...

I know, I know, we have about three months (at best) before the new SW codex comes out, not a lot of point in looking at the Space Wolves... But Im doing it anyways. :P

First thing I was looking at was which Great Company? Looking at the "Warlords of the Fang" thing on the inside back cover of the current codex, along with the decal sheet (Ive got abut 60 of them), showed 4 options for current Wolf Lords, and a few other possibles if I want to be creative. I ruled out the Night Runner and Blackmane badges, since Im really not wanting to do a SC based army. That leaves Erik Morkai and Bjorn Stormwolf... Ive always liked the Thunderwolf badge, so I think Ill go with that one.

Next: Priests. They all belong to the Great Wolf's company, so Ill be giving them all the badge of Russ. Im thinking they will all be grey like all the other Space Wolves. Not a big change for the Rune Priest or the Iron Priest, but Ive always seen the Wolf Priest in black armor... which sounds like something those boring book followers do. So, grey armor for them too. Ive got a Wolf Priest I got from somewhere (think it was a gamesday mini) waiting for primer, and Ill use him to nail down my paint scheme, which brings me to:

Painting. Obviously they will be grey, but what shade? Im not terribly fond of the blue-ish Shadow grey or Space Wolf grey, but they are not deal breakers. However, I was thinking of painting them with Codex grey with some black washes... Pack badges will be "old school", the slashes of color instead of icons.

Theme... This actually came really easy to me. The Great Company suffered heavy losses during the 13th Black Crusade and has recently added a lot of new packs to get back up to strength, so they have more Blood Claws then anything else. On the other side, I think Bjorn Stormwolf actually made it to the Long Fangs before being selected to join the Wolf Guard, but once there he quickly made his mark and was selected to be the next Wolf Lord when the old one died. Im half considering looking for an old metal Long Fang model to convert, but this one will definetely wait until I see the new book.

Wolf Scouts: I like the current scouts, but I dont think they fit quite as well as Wolf Scouts. So, having spotted this on Cannonfodder's blog, Ill prolly try the same. Again, waiting on sprue pics.

Think thats all Im gonna put down right now...


Siph_Horridus said...

Ryan, my Relictors are Codex Grey with Badab wash and Fortress Grey highlights if you want to see what that combo will look like.
I agree, the GW SW colours seem too blue now...

Ryan said...

Siph, thanks for the reminder! Yeah, thats close to what I want, maybe just a tad lighter.

Big Jim said...

Ryan, I think it’s a great choice to go with actual grey armor instead of baby blue. For my Priest I’ve done my RP’s in the standard grey I use for the rest of the Wolves; I chose to do my WP in a charcoal grey in the past, but I think like you I’m just gonna paint them in the standard grey of the rest of the company.

I love the idea of converting a classic 2nd ed Long Fang for Bjorn Stormwolf. I’m kitbashing my LF’s outta the 2nd ed minis and current plastics. You may have seen the WIP pics on my blog, but here’s the latest pic in case you didn’t.

I’m going to be using the Prophet method to build my scouts too. They really have that 2nd ed wolf scout feel. I don’t know if you’ve dug through his site, so I’ll link his article on building a better scout.