Monday, March 23, 2009

Saturday Gaming

Finally got a few games in this weekend against Mikie (one of these days Ill play Keith!)... First game was Red Scorpions against Space Wolves, 500pts.


I took the captain, two units of 5 tac troops with nifty sergeants, and a unit of 5 assault troops. He took a large unit of Blood Claws (10-12 I think), a WG Battle Leader with 4 wolves, and a pack of 5 grey hunters. I got stupid and fed my units piecemeal to the blood claws and battle leader, and lost that one hard.

The second game was much more interesting. 2000 points of Tomb Kings vs Skaven. This was something like his 6th game of fantasy, but his first at this high of points.

I took:
Tomb King w/Shield, light armor, Crown of Kings
Liche Priest w/Cloak of the Dunes, dispel scroll
Liche Priest w/ Skeletal Steed, dispel scroll
14 Skeletal Archers w/command
14 Skeletal Archers w/command
25 Skeletal Warriors w/ Spear, shield, command
25 Skeletal Warriors w/ Spear, shield, command
23 Tomb Guard w/command, Banner of the Undying Legion
Bone Giant
8 Light Horsemen

He had (from memory)
Grey Seer
2 Warlock Engineers w/most of their kit, 1 had Storm daemon, one or both had dispel scrolls.
2 large units of Skavenslaves
2 30+ units of Clanrats w/ ratling guns
a large unit of Plaguemonks
a unit of stormvermin w/ ratling gun
2 Rat Ogres
3 jezzails

As people know, I suck at battle reports, so Ill just toss things we learned out there.

Despite having M6, a Bone Giant is fairly slow if not near the general. I almost managed to get a single charge off with him the entire game. Didnt, because the unit to be charged failed its Terror check. The unit fled and was gone-gone, and worth about 200 points, so he did make his points value, sorta.

Plaguemonks will chew through a unit of spear armed skeletons fairly quickly.

Stormvermin do not like being flanked charged by Tonb Guard led by the Tomb King.

Light Horsemen were fairly useful at range, and made a decent shield for the horse mounted Liche Priest.

Im not convinced that the Cloak of the Dunes was entirely useful. The Heirophant wisped around a lot, but overall didnt really need to.

I love having a set casting order, and I love having it down on paper in the army book. Id forget my own head if it wasnt glued on.

Skaven are AWESOME to watch from the other side of the table. Seeing Jezzails and Ratling guns explode was very amusing. Only thing better is playing them (and building your army around the "wonderweapons").

I was reminded how little of the Tomb Kings army I have left to paint: a unit of 14 archers need to be finished; 2 chariots (not used this game) need work; and all my characters are in various states of having just been started. Not too much at all.

I think Rat Ogres need to be taken in units of 4+. The two hardly did anything before they broke and ran.

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