Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Top Ten #8

This week's edition is up a little early, mainly because I took a few days off work. :)

1. Darksol has a comic up, very funny. :)
2. Siph's Relictors Assault Terminators are gonna beat your head in and take your tainted loot.
3. Sidestreaker shows us how to paint Harlequins. Someday Ill be confident enough in my abilities to give them a shot.
4. Farmpunk talks about a good game of 40k. More of steps before hand to make sure it is a good game.
5. Oni gives tips on how to magnetize a razorback.
6. Congrats to Dave Taylor on the new baby, and he has a spiffy Stalk Tank conversion too!
7. I really like Mike's Blood Raven in cover... He is looking at that glow like "hmm, that might sting a bit..."
8. Cannonfodder converted some variant Bloodcrushers that are MUCH cheaper then the normal ones.
9. Cannonfodder also has a tutorial on how to convert "Void Pattern" Broadside Battlesuits.
10. Finally, Ron has stuff to keep in mind if you commission someone to paint your minis.

And now, Im going to go back to enjoying my ill-gained time off!


Master Darksol said...

Thanks for the link-love :)

I feel honored to even be mentioned.

Ryan said...

@Darksol I dont know why, you have made the top ten a few times now... Keep kicking out the posts and Im sure you will make it a few more times... at least. :)

RonSaikowski said...

It's fun to see if you made it on the following Monday... I just barely squeaked in this time.