Thursday, March 19, 2009

Behind Monday's Top Ten

You have all seen it by now, for about the past two months (ok, a little short, but getting there!) Ive been doing a weekly post where I find the ten posts from within and beyond the FtW group, and link them for anyone who happens to read me and not them. Seeing as Im currently following over 130 blogs on that silly google reader thing, means there is PLENTY of choice.

So, what exactly do I do? The smart answer would be that I flag stuff throughout the week, and on Monday during the day I choose from them. But that is smart. I, however, get to work at 10pm, do the normal stuff to make sure everything is working fine, then scroll the reader back to my previous Top Ten, and start looking at posts from there up. Sometimes during the week Ill get smart and "star" something... but I usually dont do it. Ill go through, and open up things that look interesting, until I get to around Saturday's posts, then Im starting to run behind and just start looking for titles that catch my eye...

So, what do I look for? That all depends. As Ive stated before, its just what I find interesting. Maybe tactics, maybe nifty paint schemes. I do have a preference for Space Marines (Im sure no one saw that one coming!), but camo schemes will usually make the cut or get in the final 12. What doesnt make the cut? Rumors. Dont get me wrong, I love me some rumors, but there are MANY other sites that do it better (BoLS anyone?), and EVERYONE checks that, right? Opinion pieces are hit or miss. GW bashing usually gets left off. Ive bashed them plenty in the past, and occasionally they even deserved it. But, the best way to get new people playing isnt to say GW sucks and overcharges and cant do anything right. So, it doesnt make the list. Opinion on what makes a better game/player/army, is much more likely.

Once I get through the week worth of posts, Ive got about 20-25 webpages open. Now comes the hard part: cutting it to the final ten. Ill go through the list 3-4 times, and usually 6-8 will quickly become apparent as not making the grade, and get closed. From there, Ill either go for a theme, or cut things that are very similar to other entries, it depends from week to week.

Finally Ill be down to 10 entries... This is where it gets fun. Ill usually try to come up with a quick sentence describing the entry, and I always make sure to include the linked poster's name. That one is required to me. I dont want anyone to get the idea that Im linking them to something of my own work. People work hard on their models and posts, and deserve credit, both on their own blog and from us.

So, why am I posting this? Couple reasons. First, I cant believe Im the only one doing this. There has to be thousands of Warhammer and 40k related blogs, and no one person reads them all... at least I hope not, that person would never have time for painting! But I think others could do this just as easily, and get more people exposed to the general public, which means more stuff for me to read at work!

Think about it, What I find interesting isnt exactly the same as what you do, what would you post if it were you doing this? Who would get a bunch of hits in a single day that they wouldnt have if you did this?

Secondly, Im being dragged up to the Frozen North over the Easter weekend to visit the in-laws. They do have internet connection, so I might be able to bash it out, but Im probably going to be driving home Monday night. Im half considering seeing if anyone is interested in trying their hand at it, just to get a different view in... Maybe, we will see.

Oh, and this coming Monday is #8. I was half considering a Khornate theme... if anyone were trying to decide what to paint... ;)

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Nice little insight.