Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The power of the Dark Si... err, of the FtW Group!

I dont think Ive ever replied to a post with a post of my own, yet Ron at FtW asks about the value of a group like this.

Im Johnny-come-lately here in the group, I joined as Ron was becoming the high poohbah on the FtW blog. While I dont reply to as many posts as others do, or even as much as Id like to, I do try to make sure that others get recognition for interesting posts with my Monday Top Ten.

There were a few questions, lets see what I can make stick with those... ;)

Why remain a member?
Why not? Do you know how I found most of the blogs I follow? I went to the FtW page and followed links. And Id be surprised if most of the people who found this one didnt do the same.

Why display a silly little logo and be associated with something that you get no benefit from?
Because I think it looks pretty cool, and something on my webpage has to, I know you all are not coming for the content! ;)

Why be a part of something that has "requirements" like commenting on other blogs and watching what you write and supporting other bloggers if you don't actually get anything out of it for yourself?
What happens when someone says something interesting on your blog, or a blog you follow? You go check out theirs... So, realistically, whats the easiest way to get traffic to yours? Make interesting comments on other people's blogs. What happens then? They see comments on yours that lead them to someone elses blog, where they comment. Later on, you see that comment and go read their blog... see where Im going with this? One of these days, play "follow the comments" and its entirely possible you could end up at your own blog.

Watching what I write... Yeah, Ive probably got some of the fouler fingers in this group, from what Ive seen, and I tend to keep what goes on screen much cleaner then I talk in person...

As for the $64,000 Question: Why blog? The answer is simple. Community. Family. We may bitch, moan, and fight over stupid minor rule details, have factions among ourselves (40k vs Fantasy, FIGHT!), debate the merits of this person over that (who is the better GW Ork sculpter?) and all, but in the end, think about it... Who is there, standing at the next table at the crowded local gaming store, with their models out, just like yours, looking to have a fun game? Any number of us. What happens if you break one of your models during a tournement? Someone has glue, and even odds that its someone you dont know. There are plenty of jerks in our extended family, the competitive nature of the beast almost assures that, but there are many, many more who are just like the rest of us, and play to win, but not at the cost of having fun. But, thats the way Im starting to see it, as an extended family... and while Ill email my real family, this one is the one I really let know whats going on.


RonSaikowski said...

I think your last paragraph says it best.

Well put Sir, well put.

Ryan said...

Thanks, now maybe Ill get around to posting something involving stuff on my painting table finally! ;)

CrusherJoe said...

I'd say most of the blogs I currently follow, something like 80-90%, come from being a part of the FtW group.

I think that says it all.