Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Top 10 #6

Geez, Ive managed to keep this going for 6 weeks so far, I didnt really expect to go that long!

1. I like SovietSpace's Land Raider Crusader, looks pretty cool!
2. Here is Ron's method of painting red on his Saim-Hann jetbikes.
3. Senji has Roboute Gulliman, Im jealous!
4. Ranillon reviews Dawn of War 2 (the game)... I still need to pick that up.
5. Suneokun has a couple links about playing with your toys with your kids... Im not a dad yet, but when that day finally comes around Ill be looking back at these.
6. Sidestreaker takes on the Ultramarine symbol, and makes it a bit more interesting.
7. Eek's tutorial on sculpting scales for your Salamander Space Marines (or anything else with scales!)
8. I like the Ork's looted wagon, it seems to me to be almost "archtypical". Darksol discusses its abilities and roles.
9. Goatboy talks about having fun with your game.
10. I hate unbased models. Ron shows us some materials for basing that are FREE and easy to use.

As usual, not the "best of the best" of the net, just what I thought was interesting. :)


sovietspace said...

Oooh, I do like making it onto this list - its like winning an Oscar!

This is a great idea mate, keep it up. Thanks for the mention as well.

Ryan said...

As long as people keep posting stuff thats interesting, Ill keep up the list! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan, thanks for mentioning my blog again. :)

I agree with sovietspace, it's good to see some of the posts I might have missed... there's sometimes too many blogs out there to keep track of!

Ryan said...

@Eek, my pleasure, just keep putting up the good stuff and I might just have to set a note at the top of my blog saying "dont read this, go visit these guys!" ;)