Friday, March 13, 2009

Little voices...

First the layout.. I have an "L" shaped desk, with my desktop on the short part, and my minis and painting supplies on the long part. Half the time while playing one MMO or another (Im currently paying for three, and in a Beta for a 4th) my elbow is on the side, knocking stuff around. Today, it wasnt.

Im sitting there, making a mess of things with my character, and I hear this little voice: "Paint me!" I look over and see the Black Reach Captain, the one Ive not decided what to do with yet...

BRC: "Yeah, you! paint me!"

Me: "I cant, I dont know what chapter you are going to go to."

BRC: "Bull. You are gonna paint me as a Blood Angel."

Me: "What? Why would I do that, I dont have ANY other Blood Angels yet."

BRC: "Like that has ever stopped you, now get to work, I wanna be basecoated before you go to work."

Me: "Shaddup. Im busy playing WoW right now."

BRC: "Bitch, please. I know where you sleep, and I know where you stash your dirty magazines. Paint me, or else."

Me: ...

BRC: "What are you waiting for?"

Me: "Ive never been threatened by a tiny chunk of plastic before."

He didnt get basecoated, but I did compromise and hand undercoated him. Ill slap a few layers of red on him after I get home. But it did get me thinking about how I want to paint the Blood Angels, and I think Im going to go for the more orange-ish red from 2nd edition. The darker red of more recent times does reflect how they are becoming more tainted by the Black Rage, but with how the WD list dropped nearly all of the rage and pretty much everything that made them more berserker then other chapters I think Im going to go back to the "softer" look. I was also thinking I want them to be more pretty-boys then even the blinged out Ultramarines, so Im thinking bolter casings will be gold. Ill probably work more gold in elsewhere too.


jabberjabber said...

*laugh out loud* !

sovietspace said...

This is all distinctly worrying mate. Mostly because I can completely sympathise...

Klaus said...

Ah, playing WoW, WAR, or any other MMO is such a time sink :)
I'm glad that I'm currently "clean" - I can better concentrate on my more important 40K projects :)
But to be honest, my models (so far) never talked to me - and they surely don't curse me out - I'm their creator!
Nice blog

Ryan said...

MMOs really are a time sink, but I have to do something, since I dont watch television.

Thanks for reading! :)