Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Updating the Red Scorpions

So, the wife finally noticed the Forge World charge in our account, and didnt kill me, so life is good once again... or will be when that stuff arrives.

Ive been looking at my Red Scorpions 1000 point list, and between my observations and comments Ive gotten, Ive decided to drop the captain and replace him with 5 assault marines with 2 plasma pistols added to the existing assault squad. I decided on dropping the captain for two reasons:
1: The chaplain provides a lot more punch to the assault squad that Im using the points to bulk up.
2: Ive been considering replacing the model with one of the metal ones.

I dont know if Ill actually get around to actually replacing the model, but in the games played so far, the chaplain has out performed the captain dramatically. Of course, there is a little point difference that the assault marines dont eat entirely, so the chaplain is getting an upgrade as well, in the form of digital lasers.

However, Ill probably be running the Red Scorpions as either a 1k list, or as half of a 2k force with my Angels of Purity this weekend (before I have a chance to get those assault marines), so the captain has one last shot at redemption.

Now that I have the 1k list sorted out, Im looking at expanding to the next goal: 1500 points. So far, Im looking at filling out the devastator squad, a third tactical squad, and drop pods for the three tactical squads and the devastator squad. These will bulk up the existing force, and turn it from an "all on the ground from turn one" force to a full drop pod assault force. A complete change in play style. The list I made earlier today has a ton of extra stuff that could be pruned off, like meltabombs and deathwind launchers, and the weapons for the new tac squad sergeant. I think between those items alone I could shave about 100 points off, and add something else, but Im not sure what would be effective... maybe a scout squad, though that doesnt fit my 5th company theme...


jabberjabber said...

Glad to hear that you survived! :)

Ryan said...

Heh, my wife is like me, we both have short memories. When she saw the charge, she was all "Why is there a $75 charge to Forge World?"

"Cuz I told you I was going to make an order"

"No you didnt!"

"Yes, I did"

"No, Im pretty sure you didnt"

"Yes you did, you just asked that I wait until the bills went through"

"...Ok, I guess that sounds right."

jabberjabber said...

*laugh out loud*