Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tables, games, and other random bits.

So, Saturday morning, I was productive. I hit the fabric store, and got a sheet of "potting soil" brown fabric. I hit Target, and got a box of tacks, and some wood glue. Then I went home and waited for a friend to get up and head over, and we hit Lowes, and got a sheet of plywood, then dragged it back to my place... Unfortunately the sheet of fabric I got was about half the size I needed, due to my not understanding how they sold it and not checking before I left, so Ill be heading back some time this week to get more. That didnt stop me and Mikie from playing a game though! Terrain was a bit sparse, though that should have helped him rather then me.

1000 points, Tau vs Red Scorpions. Annihilation, Dawn of War. Same list as previously reported for me, he had a commander with 1 body guard, a unit of Kroot, two units of fire warriors, a unit of gun drones, and a unit of stealthsuits.

Highlights of the game: Chaplain and assault squad beat the stuffing out of the drones, then get shot to bits by the commander and BG, Chaplain survived, then proceeded to solo kill the commander, bodyguard, and a good part of one of the Firewarrior squads.

The Kroot... Im not sure what to think of them. They spent the entire game either hitting dirt cuz of my shooting or dusting themselves off. I think the only time they moved was turn 1 (he went first), then at the end, when they finally broke and ran. They took a good chunk of my shooting, but most of it was incidental fire, in that I didnt have any better targets at the moment. My devastators worked wonderfully, they "reached out and crushed someone" every turn. On the other hand, I didnt concentrate on one target with them, I spread the wealth over the entire army all game. Not sure if that was a good decision or not.

In the end, I lost the assault squad and a handful of tactical marines, he was left with a few Firewarriors. Its always harder to pull a lesson from a win then a loss, but I think the lessons for this game was that assault troops need larger units, they need to be supported better, and that if a "tarpit" target like the kroot show their faces again, I need to maximise shooting on them, so they dont soak fire for the entire game.

Ill also try to get some pictures of the table after I get the other sheet of fabric.

Keith looks to be joining our campaign, so there are Orks inbound! Still not sure what day we are planning on playing, Mikie seems to want Mondays, but havnt heard what works for Keith.

I need to get around to making more terrain too...


VoidLord said...

I would like to see how that table turns out and terrain too. I am going to have to check and see if you wrote about your campaign. I love to play and follow them. On a side note its always good to know there are hobby bloggers in good ole MD.

Ryan said...

I think the terrain is going to be more functional then cool looking for the time being. The table and existing terrain just doesnt really inspire a theme all that well. In fact, I chose it mainly for its neutrality, so I could have a decent mix of city ruins that I could swap out for hills and craters, that I could then swap out for some kind of alien jungle made from plastic fish tank plants. Obvious advantage being that no two games need be alike!

Disorderlies Tyrant said...

Another 40k player in Columbia???