Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goals for my Red Scorpions

While my Red Scorpions are a part of the Crusade project, they are also a project in and of themselves. For the Crusade as a whole, I dont have many goals, aside from painting what I have, and fleshing out some of the smaller forces.

The Red Scorpions, however, have some specific goals.

Short term: I want to keep the RS as a battle worthy force, from 1k, to 1500, to 1750, to 2k.

Mid term: I want to make the full 5th battle company of the Red Scorpions, complete with dreadnauts and transports.

Long term: I would like to have at least one unit from every entry in Codex: Space Marines, painted in Red Scorpion colors.

Side goals are to create at least three personalized special characters: The Chapter Master, the Chief Apothecary, and one other, possibly a veteran sergeant.

Im thinking about using the rules for Pedro Cantor for the Master, and Ive got my eye on a model Id convert for that role.

The Chief Apothecary is going to be more difficult, because the only base for rules for him is the medic in the command squad. He is going to be hard core home brewed, and knowing the way I like things, totally underpowered.


natsirtm said...

Nice, I like those goals. Am gonna have to start my own list of goals once our local Tale of 4 Gamers competition is over and not motivating me to paint stuff.

eriochrome said...

Remember that Chapters Masters cannot take command squads so you could not use the Apothacary and Pedro without an additionl Captain. Might want to come up with your own model for one of the named Captains.