Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Gaming

Today I joined Disorderlies Tyrant and crew for some 40k and whatever else ended up on the table. I got in two games of 40k, and a peek at a few other games Ive been curious about.

The first game was 1k, RS against Night Lords... Im not allowed to talk about it. There were lessons learned on my side, though only by forcing myself to be objective. :)

The second game was 2k, Red Scorpions and Angels of Purity against Necrons. RS were the normal list, minus the chaplain, and added a dreadnaught. AoP were a Librarian, tac squad, scout squad, terminators, and LR Crusader.

Mike's (at least thats the name Im remembering now) Necron list was a few squads of warriors, two Lords, a unit of Immortals, and a few units of Heavy Destroyers.

Game was a Sieze Ground Pitched Battle, three counters. Lessons there for me were much more plentiful, though this game ended as a tie. Ill just do it as a list, since I dont remember enough to give an actual battle report... Ill also include what I learned from the first game too.

1. If I rebuild my Captain, I need to give him a decent ranged weapon. I tend to stick him with Tac squads, and they are too slow for him to be an effictive melee beast, and he is still too squishy to go it solo.
2. Im not a fan of Land Raiders, though the Crusader varient is my favored version. They are tough, and can lay down an impressive amount of fire.
3. Necrons can be very annoying with the We'll Be Back, with the proper paint scheme and terrain I could easily see it being a "Night of the Living Dead" type game.
4. Points spent on the Epistolary upgrade might be a waste, not entirely sure on this.
5. The shield psychic power was surprisingly useful... once.
6. Even Necron Destroyer Lords dont like force weapons.
7. Terminators are like assault marines: dont charge them in alone, they will die.
8. Melee scouts should stay in a 10-man group, or at least stay near each other for support.
9. I need to invest in more Vet Sergeants with power weapons, and less with power fists.
10. Stormbolters are awesome.
11. A dreadnaught with its arms blown off makes an amazing tarpit.
12. Plasma cannons and frag missiles can easily rob your assault squad of their intended target.

Im seriously rethinking the drop pods, might make it rhinos, might just go for another tactical squad instead. One thing for sure, instead of adding 500 points, Im going to make it 250, for a 1250 list before I make it 1500. Im gonna mess around with Army Builder and post the updated 1000 point list, and a 1250 test list later on.

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Disorderlies Tyrant said...

Was good to have you join us. It was pretty crazy - I played 4 different game systems yesterday so my mind was pretty well shot by the end of it.

And I was [mostly] kidding - you can tell everyone how you kicked the Night Lords back into the shadows. Man, what an embarrassing game...