Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Top Ten #1

So, I was thinking last week that I should take a look at the posts Ive read from the community as a whole, and share what I thought was the best... My original thought was the three most useful or interesting.... I managed to cut down what I liked to 10, almost. Keep in mind this is what I found most entertaining or useful, its entirely possible someone else will think they are less then useful... oh well. :)

Im planning on making this a weekly effort, so if you see something I should consider for inclusion, email me at my google email, Heretic0977.

With no further ado, and in no particular order:
1. Nick has some nice looking terrain.
2. Jabberjabber's Oblitorater conversion is giving me evil thoughts.
3. Spiffy Pre-Heresy Terminator shoulderpad guide on the FtW site.
4. Death Guard are one of my favorite armies, and John did nice work.
5. Nice looking Novamarines from Natsirtm.
6. Very useful guide to making Daemon armies dual-based for both 40k and Fantasy by John.
7. This post on BoLS just made me laugh.
8. Another useful post from John, I think this rust guide also has potential for making mud.
9. Malcolm's list of slang for his IG Regiment, I lurve the fluff.
10. Disorderly's Tyrant is trying to get back to his blog, lets encourage him!


natsirtm said...

woot - #5, cheers man

jabberjabber said...

That's a good "digest" of recent postings! Thanks for the plug as well ;-)