Monday, January 5, 2009

It didnt happen unless there are pictures!

Gatecrashers and a peek at the Red Scorpion Captain and Chaplain... and a busted Black Legion Predator.

Red Scorpions up front left, Ultramarines behind, Dark Angels right front, Black Templar Terminator squad behind them, and some Angels of Purity.

Angels of Purity and some of the Silver Skulls.

Imperial Fists. I have learned to hate painting yellow.

I also tried to take pictures of individual models, but the camera hates me, and the only one that didnt look like something left in the toilet for a week was the RS chaplain.

Im planning on continuing work on what I have now that the Red Scorpion assault squad is nearly finished, so hopefully those basecoated models will look better soon... And then Ill prolly make the wife take the pictures!


jabberjabber said...

That sure is a lot of marines ... and a hell of a lot of painting work! Very impressive.

natsirtm said...

very nice. some bigger pics would be great.
are your angels of purity white & blue?

Ryan said...

Thanks! Im going to try to get bigger/closer pics as I finish stuff up. Hopefully the camera will cooperate.

Yes, the AoP are the white and blue ones. Practically the same scheme as the Marines Errant.