Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 2009!

10,074. Quite a happy number, isnt it? That is the current point value of the Zeist Crusade. I picked up an assault squad box the other night, and right now am waiting on a wash to dry so I can continue painting them. Red Scorpions are now sitting at 996 points, just enough for me to run to the mall or the bunker on an afternoon before work for a quicky game or two.

The Black Reach marines are halfway allocated, I think. One squad is going to the Ultramarines, one squad is going to the Silver Skulls, the Dreadnaut is going to the Red Scorpions once I get around to getting that brass etch sheet. The terminators and captain are where Im stuck. The captain more so. The only group that doesnt have a commander right now are my Black Templars, but Im not sure I want to send such a pretty model to a group Im not sure Ill make much use of. Im slightly considering painting him as a Chapter Master for either the Angels of Purity or the Imperial Fists. I dunno... maybe Ill sideline him til later.

The terminators are also giving me fits, but nowhere nearly as bad as the captain. If I give them to the Ultramarines, they will be sitting with an HQ, 2 troops, and an elite. Almost useful on their own then. AoP, Dark Angels, and IFs all already have terminator squads, and Im not hand painting the Red Scorpion symbol if I can buy it from FW. I could also give them to the Silver Skulls, that would bump them to HQ 1, troops 3, elite 1. What about the Gatecrashers? They are using the Black Templars book, and Sword Brethern Terminator squads dont have sergeants with power swords. Im mostly thinking Ultramarines, due to them being so promenent in the fluff for the Crusade.

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