Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tables and Scenery and possibly a Campaign!

Ive been planning on building a gaming table for a few years now, but lack of a steady opponent, finances, and plain laziness have all conspired to keep me from actually doing it.

So, with my recent decision to finally get playing more often this year, I talked with Mikie about possibly start a campaign, just a few games every other week or so, and I realized that Id probably flake out on games held elsewhere, as usual... obvious answer is to have the games come to me! In order to not look like a total asshole here, I will point out that Mikie drives about an hour from where he lives to where we are, and he has that spiffy hybrid. So, it really doesnt matter for him if he is going to be playing at the mall, at the Glen Burnie Bunker, or at my apartment.

Now I need a table for sure! One of the times I was at Costco recently I noticed a 6x4 folding card table. Thats a good start, but a card table isnt the ideal surface for a game of 40k, is it? Im thinking that get the table, then pay a visit to Lowes and get a sheet of plywood, either 6x4, or two 3x4, and set it/them on the card table. Should be good enough unless we are attacked by the dog... Im still trying to decide if I want to properly base it, or just pick up some fabric from the cloth store and lay it over everything. Advantages to doing that are its quicker, I can get multiple sheets to show different types of terrain, and its ultimately disposable (for when I finally move away from MD).

I will also have to build some terrain, but this wont be so much of a pain, as raw materials are plentiful and easily accesable... and I can tell Mikie that he has to make some of his own!

No real ideas on the campaign yet, but he plays Tau, Necrons, and Tyranids. Maybe the Zeist campaign? ;)


Lach said...

I am going with the felt cloth for a top. I decided on this cause it will allow me to paint freely and not worry about messing up the surface of the table, but also for the option you mentioned, in that you could use it for multi terrain types. My table is a bit more permenant (I own the house so no worries about having to move soon) so its all wood and very large. it would have to be destroyed just to get it out of the room, but its mine. Post pictures of your armies and the table you decide on.

Ryan said...

I would love a big, permenent table, but with apartment life its just not feasible... aside from the fact that the room Im going to use for keeping it in is also our guest bedroom...

Ive got the army pics, just waiting on the Wife to return so I can get them off the camera! :)