Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Red Scorpions Fluff

So, I mentioned that Ive been doing a campaign badge on my small Red Scorpions force, a white star in a white circle, that looks kinda like an Old West Sheriff's badge. As anyone who is familiar with the way they work knows, the campaign badge is used to mark all the forces attached to a specific campaign... So, obviously, there will have to be other Imperial forces, right?

So enters the Cadian 42nd. Ive already got some models around, but Im mainly waiting until the Imperial Guard codex gets updated to actually get to work on them.

The story is that in the Ultima Segmentium, just a bit to the south of Ultramar, there is a small unnamed (for now) Imperial system thats been under attack by undetermined foes. The system is small and poorly populated, but contains significant amounts of mineral resourses. The Red Scorpions 5th Company were the first responders, and the Cadian 42nd is the first wave of Imperial Guard support. Until the IG arrives in force, the Space Marines are fighting in a reactive manner, protecting the locals and their mines where they can. Once the Imperial Guard is in position to protect the miners and their works, the Red Scorpions will hunt down and destroy the invaders.

Quick and easy, right?

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