Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Red Scorpions Painting, quick and easy

This is how Ive been painting my Red Scorpion Space Marines. I know, it didnt happen unless there are pictures, so Ill be adding some pretty soon (as soon as the camera stops hating me, that is!)

Clean and assemble model completely. Yes, Im one of those slackers that paints the models with the bolters already attached. Base the model with sand and chunks of plastic card. Remember that these are partially Forge World resins, and wash the bits well before gluing them together!

Spray them black.

I then give them a sloppy brushing of a 50/50 mix of codex grey and chaos black, then I recoat the shoulders with chaos black. From here on out its just details.

Helmet stripes, chest eagles, and shoulder trim get a few thin coats of bubonic brown, along with the knee pad getting a stripe (assuming the model has knee pads).

Bolters and the pipes/tubes/grills on their chests/helmets/backpacks get painted boltgun metal, then the bolter gets a thinned coat of black ink, followed by a drybrush of BG metal.

Ammo packs/holsters are painted beastal brown and then snakebite leather.

The scorpion symbol gets a few coats of scab red, the background gets codex grey to clean up after the red, then the symble gets touched up with blood red, and the back ground gets skull white.

Skull white is then used to paint on the squad badge on the opposite shoulder, and the company number on the left knee pad, and then chaos black for the squad number over the squad badge.

Eye sockets are my bane. I always manage to cover half the helmet if I do them, but this time it seems to be working. Ive been painting them scab red with a bit of blood red towards the front.

All thats left is basing! Ill give the chunks of scrap a coat of Teracotta, then patch it with blazing orange, and a BG metal drybrush on the edges/areas that might get some wear. The rest of the base gets beastal brown followed by snakebite leather.

One of the things I decided to do here is that the plasma weapon's plasma coils would be painted different from how I normally do it (normally just metal, like the rest of the gun), so they are also getting a dose of the scab red/blood red.

Seems pretty simple, right? One of the tricks Ive learned over the years is that if you have a decent painting standard, and are consistant over a large number of models, your army will look a lot better then each individual model would suggest.

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