Monday, December 15, 2008

Current project: Red Scorpions

So, my current project is the 5th battle company of the Red Scorpions Space Marines. This post is going to be what the physical goals are for them, and possibly how I plan to put it together. Ill talk about my fluffy story in a different post, maybe before I leave work, maybe not.

My goal with this collection is to have a full battle company (complete with transports, though I havnt decided if that means rhinos, drop pods, or both for each), plus support from the 1st, 10th, and possibly a few extras from the reserve companies.

Currently I have a Captain, a Chaplain (with Jump Pack), two tactical squads, an understrength devastator squad, and an unpainted AoBR Dreadnaught (awaiting RS Brass etch sheets).

As mentioned before, I have not decided on whether to use drop pods or rhinos. I see drop pods as disposable, and will probably not specifically attach them to any single unit, rather just paint up a dozen or so and be done with it. Rhinos, on the other hand, are attached to specific units and would get the full markings deal.

Most of my armies have been lacking in the markings department. My Space Marine forces were lucky to get a chapter badge usually. Ive gone full out on the RS though, Forge World shoulder pads, tactical badges, squad and company numbers painted on, and Im even adding campaign badges on their legs! No one does that anymore, that Ive seen. In this case, my campaign badge is a white star inside a white circle, looks a bit like an Old West sheriffs badge... which is intentional, but Ill explain that later.

I want to do the full load out, 6 tactical squads, 2 assault squads, 2 devastators, plus command squad and leadership. Actually, the Tac and Dev squads are easy. Im still trying to decide on if I want jump packers, bikers, or a mix of the two. Im thinking at least one is required, if only so the chaplain doesnt jump alone. But, this might be where the reserve companies come in, since I also want to include a few land speeders in my collection, I can make the 5th Co. guys jumpers, and have bikes and speeders come from the 9th Co.

Ive been using the RS veterans conversion kit as spare parts, mixing torsos and heads among the rank and file models, and Im planning on doing the same with the Vanguard Vets set (one pack of them spread throughout the two assault squads). I just like the new Vanguard Veterans set too much to pass them up!

According to the fluff, the Red Scorpions are known for the number of Apothecaries they have, and for their understrength Scout Company. There isnt much I can do with the former, since Im not planning on using FW varient rules for random games, but for the latter Im planning on breaking one of my own rules and having minimum sized squads, and only one unit of scouts, and one of bikers.

Obviously Im going to have more then enough models for a single force org chart. I like being able to mix and match for games. For the short term though I want to get an even spread, so if I happen to get myself out for a game, Ill at least have something to bring.

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