Friday, December 2, 2016

Dust off


The ship's bridge was almost entirely dead. The only sign of activity came from a single hand monitor half way up a stack of dust covered skulls and tomes. All around was wrecked or powered off work stations, some with the skeletal remains of their previous operators. The Ship Master's throne was occupied, an ancient pile of bones and bloodied uniform watching the lack of operations for as long as those bones retained stability.


The ancient vessel, once known as the Jawbreaker hung in orbit around a dead planet. having been an unwilling satellite since it was depopulated in some mythical age. In many ways, the planet and the ship were ideally matched. Drenched in ancient blood, and shunned. However, while the planet was lifeless, there was still something on board the Jawbreaker...


Back on the bridge, something finally began to move. In an alcove overlooking the Master's throne, what had been assumed to be a statue began to shake, knocking off dust that had laid longer than the history of many inhabited worlds. Slowly, clumsily at first, but with building speed, the figure moved to the pile, and picked up the hand monitor, wiping dust from it's display.

"Bloody sands, that is how long Ive been out? Ive got work to do!"

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