Monday, April 18, 2016

Not quite dead yet!

Yeah, yeah, I go and wander off a bit, next thing I know its APRIL and I still havnt blogged!

Ok, quick update tonight, since Im planning on starting something new next week. Or the week after.


Death Guard are currently all painted, aside from the design on my Herald's banner. Still have 10 MKIII models to decide on, and where my BaC box is going. Either here or...  Still stuck on the internal debate whether to stick with MKIII for troops, or expand to other marks. Plenty of pros and cons for both sides.

Played a big game with them last month, against 40k Minotaurs and Astral Claws (dont ask). Did fairly well for myself, given that I was a bit concerned about having very little that could deal with Land Raiders. Turns out Id forgotten about power fists...

Other option for those BaC models, adding them to my Storm Fists. Id kinda fell out of love with 40k for a while, but the bug has bitten again recently. They havnt gotten any paint lately, but hoping to fix that very soon...

Having so much fun with AoS. Doing a big Chaotic mess, with Beasts, Daemons, Bloodbound, Slaves to Darkness, and Nurgle guys, plus Skaven. Also working on a smaller Order alliance, currently just Stormcasts and Free Peoples so far, but tempted to expand.

Had a small game with an old friend on Friday night, a easy learner game to ease him into it. He LOVED it. Might actually get him to play more than once every few years now!

Beyond the Gates of Antares
Between Rob picking this up, and us interviewing Rick Priestly on Fn'A it was pretty much a given that Id be starting Antares. Still only had a single demo game, but Ive gotten about 1500pts of Ghar so far.

Yeah, this has been half dead for me lately. Last game I played was some time last year. Dusted off my Cygnar last week, hopefully getting back into building them for MK3.

Played a few beta games, pretty amusing. Not entirely enough to forgive their use of restic, but still a good time.