Thursday, May 21, 2015

Storm Fists, how to not Veteran Sergeant

When I recreated my Storm Fists, I wanted to somehow show that they were a Chapter rebuilding itself after devastating losses. One way I settled on was to not have any Veteran Sergeants in the battle or reserve companies. Bites myself in the ass a bit during game play, but that is what happens when you try to build a "fluffy" force.

My line of thinking goes this way: A Space Marine is selected as a Sergeant, and is presented a custom weapon, depending on his squad role and personal temperament. Tactical and Devastator squad leaders usually get a combiweapon of some sort, and assault squad sergeants tend towards a melee weapon. Exceptions occur, of course. The biker squad Sergeant is technically an assault squad, but has a combimelta.*

*Unless I go with my plan to have all the bike squads from the 6th Company, in which case he is a Tactical Squad Sergeant.

Now, what happens when a Sergeant proves himself enough to become a Veteran Sergeant? Normal Chapters will likely paint his helmet or give him a special badge. What about joining the First Company? Tradition points as that being a possible step too.

Well, the Storm Fists have a different tradition. In order to ascend to the Veteran Company, a Space Marine has to perform a tour of duty with the Deathwatch. As in the background I wrote before, they have lost their history, so they spread their warriors far and wide, questioning all their Killteam mates about any history, legends, or tales of when their Chapters fought alongside the Storm Fists.

Now, requests for Space Marines to join in a Deathwatch Killteam don't always come as quickly as some potential Veterans may wish, so the Chapter keeps such warriors in their original company, but acting as Command Squads. Once the Ordo Xenos alerts the Storm Fists of a requirement, the Chapter Council will select appropriate members to assist in the mission.

Once these warriors return to the Chapter, they are debriefed by the Chaplains and Librarians, any possibilities noted and cross referenced to other information collected. Then the Space Marine joins his newly assigned squad in the First Company.

Pic of my Sternguard squad from a while back, a few of which are rocking their Deathwatch shoulder pads.

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