Friday, May 22, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #10

Hooray, I managed to keep up for two and a half months! Yay me!

Should be recording a new episode of Flock and Awe later this afternoon, so expect that.... eventually.

Toying with the layout, let me know what you think?


Rumors for the new Space Marine book are starting to flow, and with me being an Astartes-phile, Im feeling like a kid in a candy store. Not believing a single one until I see proof though.

Did you see that Warlord Titan? Of course you did. Almost makes me wish I were willing to do anything with any sort of titan. Up until I see the price tags, that is.

Hobby & Gaming-

Not much painting... Ok, no painting done at all. HOWEVER! I did get enough 25mm -> 32mm conversion rings for my Storm Fists, and got my first unit ringed and based. Should be painting them this weekend.
 Rings glued on.

And sand!

Ill admit, Im not overly fond of these rings, a bit too much space in between. Ah well.

I was debating whether I should do the rings for my Scouts as well...

 Hooray cellphone pics!

Quick poll on Twitter was about 60/40 in favor of staying with the smaller bases, which is how I was leaning, so scouts on 25mm, power armor on 32mm, and terminators on 40mm. I am still considering what colors to paint the bases, leaning towards the same as before, possibly with the rim black instead of brown. Possibly.

I did decide that I will be using this opportunity to touch up some details Id skipped on several (all but the first, to be honest) units. The lightning bolts being the main.

Still no games played recently, need to get my dice dusted off soon!


Twofer this week, simple ideas though. Just alternate paint ideas, really.

-Imperial Fists, painted metallic gold, instead of the traditional yellow.
-Space Wolves, in polished silver armor. Keep all the normal markings and details, just change the base grey. This idea amuses me mostly because of the werewolf/silver connection. ;)


Matt Liboiron said...

I'd like to see you do a titan, I think it would be an awesome project.

Ryan C said...

Would be interesting, but I dont think my skills are up for that much work, and it would take FOREVER for me to actually finish... Just ask Mortarion. ;)