Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wandering Eye

Funny thing with my attention, I can reasonably expect my attention to wander off about a week or so into drooling over an army that I am not physically working on. As I mentioned before, I got some undead to start my End Times force. Well, Ive managed to keep them on the sprue, telling myself to work on them when I get back from the trip. Not on table, out of mind, right?
Not quite. Ive been carting around those books like a 3-year old and his favorite teddy bear. I have been rereading the rules and the fluff, and while I am still a tactical noob, Ive gotten a better understanding of the new lore and rules than Ive ever had about any army before. I have gotten Evil Ideas on how to play these boneheads, and am chomping at the bit, ready to glue stuff together. And buy more. As always.

The great thing, and the problem, with how my plans will shape together is that Im going to need a significant number of "spare" units. Unlike the Lore of the Vampires, which for the most part only refreshes damaged units, the Lore of Undeath actually creates new ones, and you have choice there. Take a look at Ryze - The Grave Call. Off that one spell, you have 12 potential units to choose from. Granted, you will only be able to summon some of them with a few (or more than a few) tokens saved up. Deciding which unit to summon and where to actually put them (as long as in range of the caster) is going to be a bit of a mini-game in itself.

Right now I am torn between Arkhan the Black, and Mannfred as my Mortarch of choice. Arkhan can summon bigger point value units (33 zombies on a 9+), but Mannfred has the wider area in which to place them, which has more potential to mess with your opponent's plans. Assuming their plan isnt just "run in and fight!".

So, for right now my plan is go on vacation, come back all recharged, and build dead things. Probably add some Tomb King models once these first few units are done, then look into who will lead my force.

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