Friday, September 12, 2014

Base stamps

I am of the opinion that an unfinished base makes for an unfinished model. I don't care how well painted a model is, if the base is the basic black and I can see the tag, it is unfinished. Even if there is no tag, basic black looks unfinished to me.

Having said that, my bases are VERY simple. A bit of sand glued on, and painted brown. Battlefield basic, as I like to call it. However, since I started working on this Malifaux band, I wanted something more. Zombie hookers do not look right crossing the battlefield basic.

So, I went hunting resin bases, and discovered very quickly that Id spend between 25% and 50% on bases that Id spent on a force to begin with. And Id have to go back if I wanted to expand. Unacceptable. I know plenty of people swear by resin bases, but Id rather throw money at new models, not their bases, 

That is where Happy Seppuku comes in. They make a series of stamps that you can use with green stuff (or your putty of choice) to make themed bases. So, I figured Id give them a shot. $25 bucks for two stamps later, I've got two chunks of what appears to be silicone, each 3 inches by 5 inches. One side is detailed. I got the Brick Fishscale and the Ground Snow/Mud.

I will admit, when I first looked at what Id been sent, my thoughts were "well shit, this wont do at all!". The detail appears VERY understated. But, I slapped some green stuff on a base anyways, and stamped away... and was pleased with what came out of it. Now, lets be honest. This is NOT Golden Daemon/Golden Paintbrush work. This is barely advanced army work. Having said that, for your average table top quality army, this will push you from basic category to serious.

I plan on painting them for next Tuesday's post, but so far, I am pleased. My only real complaint is that they take a decent amount of greenstuff to properly make. Though, I might have overdone it a bit, as a rookie mistake. My biggest suggestion would be to follow directions, and make sure to cover the gap in the base (if there is one) as the greenstuff will flow down there as quick as possible when you stamp it.

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