Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Thursday Night Game

I had a game on Thursday night, testing my Storm Fist list against something different as run by ol' DT himself. I should have gotten pics, as it was nearly fully painted on both sides. Ah well.

We were messing around with a variant tactical objective mission, basically three cards are put in play, and either side can score them. Think it would have been more interesting if we had more than two objective markers on the table.

He was playing Imperial Guard (or whatever they are called today). Couple Banewolves, a Demolisher, a unit of Ogryns, a unit of Bullgryns, and some assorted infantry units. And a Chimera for his Command HQ to hide in, once he decided my snipers were an actual threat.

My force was a pair of tactical squads, a scout sniper squad, Captain with command squad, Librarian, Happy flamey Sternguard, and a unit of Melta Bikers.

As all of you know, I hate battle reports. Lets move on to the lessons learned.

Strategic Warlord Traits are awesome. Whole army, and none of this "one use only" crap. I got the one where my whole army got move through cover and stealth (ruins). So, what did I do? Yep, Scout snipers, with camo cloaks, in ruins. Didnt stop the Ogryns from charging them, but made them very resistant to incoming fire for a while there.

Divination can now be taken by Codex Librarians. Reroll to hit on a unit in melee with Bullgryns? Sure!

I combat squadded my bikers. Five with twin bolters, and 3+attack bike with melta goodness. Bolters got charged and bloodied by the Bullgryns. Melta side got close enough to ping up the Demolisher. Need to learn to deploy and move them better.

The two tactical squads were just "there". Didnt really contribute to the game, other than one of them keeping the Librarian safe.

Sternguard took some hits, and then the Banewolf came up and gassed them. They charged in with krak grenades, but wiffed completely. Maybe I should look into a Melta Sternguard squad for this list...

And the Captain with his Command Squad... Ugh. Wasted completely by slowly wandering up the side of the table.

So, what did I actually learn? I need to think better when deploying my units. I need a plan. I wasnt acting. Hell, I hardly even reacted. I was just there rolling dice at targets of opportunity.

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