Friday, August 1, 2014

An update!

Yeah, blog has been kinda dead, hasnt it? Last post of any significance was back in January. Made a total joke of my goals for the year.

Oh well, moving on. Stuff that has happened in the past six months.... I am still co-hosting on the Flock & Awe podcast, going nearly weekly now.

The wife and I purchased a house, and I have a ma-hoo-sive basement/mancave/hobby area. Seriously, some people have suggested turning it into a hobby club, as I could probably get three game tables in. Just the one is fine by me though, thanks. ;)

Ive gotten some painting done here and there, though as always not as much as Id like. Ive added a few armies, and abandoned some others, often in the same day. Current list looks like this...

Red Scorpions
Storm Fists

Night Lords
Death Guard



Also kinda working on Plague for Deadzone, and the Redchapel Gang for Malifaux, though very slowly.

Lets see, I am still making a nuisance of myself on Twitter...

The Scotland and England trip is still on, really looking forward to it now. Only about seven weeks to go!

Alright, time to wrap this up. I am intending to set up some auto posts of pics of stuff Ive painted lately, should last until I get back from vacation, plus interjecting a bit more often than I have been lately. We will see how that goes...


Greg Hess said...

I think you only need one main game table, but small secondary tables are crazy useful for holding destroyed models, and those in reserve :).

Congrats on the house!

Ryan C said...

Yeah, I have a few "dinner tray" tables to use for that, plus the bar.

Thanks! :)