Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Night Lords Praetor

Lets keep the run going, shall we? Today I have my Night Lords Legion Praetor. I decided all my 30k models were going to be elevated over their bases, to show how much higher in esteem they are over their 40k brothers.

And, you know, because I felt like it.

This model is mostly stock, only real change I made was the sword hilt, which broke during shipping, and I had no desire to wait for a replacement to show up.


Greg Hess said...

The base suits this model perfectly. For some reason his face looks a bit like picard when he still had some borg components :).

I think it adds to the effect!

How did you like working with the praetor model? Was it the new style FW resin? (less bitter and beefy?). I've thought about getting the Praetor models for ages to use as chapter masters.

Ryan C said...

Thanks! :)

Going off my screwy memory, since I finished this guy months ago... I think he was about as easy to deal with as the old Red Scorpion stuff, just a bit more detail.

I am considering getting another one for my Storm Fists. :)